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    Prestige master discussion EVERYBODY READ!!!

      Okay guys i want to talk about prestige master

      Treyarch made it so that when you are prestige 10 level 56 that you automaticly become prestge master.

      I am at the moment prestige 9 and i will stay at 9 because i am a good player my kd is over 2.31 and i have everything diamond except lmgs and i dont want to hit master prestige because i know people will say that i copyed my stats from a other account.

      My point with this thread is to let treyarch change when u hit master prestige when you are 10th level 55 that there is a option to go prestige and then become master prestige.

      I think adding this to the game not everybody will hit master prestige until the copy exploit has been fixee.


      SO PLEASE TREYARCH add with a hotfix or next patch a option to not go automaticly to prestige master but the player has to choose to enter it.

      Because of the current state of the game ex. Big glitches like the account stats copy glitch and alot of lagg etc.




      Btw im on phone sorry if anything is misspelled