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    black ops 2 theatre mode OFF hack??!!

      IN BO2 the theatre cannot be turn off right? I cannot find the on-off option anywhere, I check most of my game play after I finished some match. but sometime I join a lobby there are some Hackers or Moders, they can turn it off some how, they usually get 4 bar connection, I agree I lost most of gun fight, but hackers are hackers, they do have some sort of mode turn the game speed or wall hack, I can feel I run very fast some times are, some times not...and shoot bullets become very slow when aim on those hackers, I wanna check whats going on in the records, then when I quit when the game finished and waiting to chose next map there, I go to theatre mode COD TV my recent match, there is no record there, none of game play has been record with those Hackers or Moders. so I am guessing there is something fishy going on here... anyone got same issue?


      When I go Play some other lobbys, players in games seems OK they are not doing any very crazy moves, even leave game after last kill cam, there is a record of the match. so not just Lag compensation we have to deal with, the game is full of hackers now. Japanese players, Korean players, some shameless Chinese players, also some Russian players too...I just wondering they already have 4 bar connection, they can't play it like normal gamers but ruin the game. enjoy Hack losers!