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    Earforce Tango without Talkback Cable/BO2 Hardcore Audio

      concerning the big call of duty license, here are some questions about the 300$, also 260 up to 300€, Headset from Turtlebeach. already asked on the TB Forum, no answer. a friend got the Tango, but there is no talkback cable inside the package? ok, TB Cable = 5$, so whats the problem? just using a big game license for selling this?




      i have the delta, and there is a TB Cable inside, because this is the best quality and not the bluetooth one. so treyarch, why turtlebeach is working like this with this game licence? 300$ for headset without cables like this? my friend was using ebay now for this, so 312$, amazing!


      just wish, treyarch or activision recheck this with turtlebeach please, and please patch the audiocodec in BO2 hardcore, the current is not acceptable.


      thx in advance.


      kind regards RSix