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    Issues noticed since patch update

      Lag Comp has gotten worse.  Most gun fights I encountered yesterday were not even close to being fair.


      M27 has not improved as it is still a weak gun.


      The weapon sway for Assault rifles is ridicioulous.  SMG Sway is ridiciolous. 


      Spawns in team objective games have no ryhmn or reason.  They have gotten worse.


      What else has everyone noticed?

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          Re: Issues noticed since patch update

          i have noticed that they fixed the CTF spawns on hijacked. you can now spawn underground, on the water walkway, on the balcony upstairs. Not nearly as easy to spawn trap or get spawn trapped.


          lag comp has always felt fine or me. Great job on the TU (imo)

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              Re: Issues noticed since patch update

              OP, lag was likely worse because it was double XP, and there were more people on than normal. I only had two bad games of HC KC due to lag all day yesterday, so I must have been lucky.


              The M27 buff was only to the number of shots required for head shots kills and a marginal increase in rage kills. The M27 may be underpowered in your opinion but that was done because it's also ridiculously accurate with low recoil. If you read the full patch notes, you'll see that idle sway for all ARs was reduced.

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