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    FFA Win 30-10 with DSR on Carrier


      A short vid(2min) that i got a couple of days ago but had problems uploading it .

           Anyways its just gameplay no comms and its with the DSR with the B23R n TAC knife .Perks Toughness,Scavenger and Dexterity. Equip - C4 and Shock Charge and is on the map CARRIER.

      Not too bad of a game i go 30-10 which isnt too bad .

      Any thoughts comments are welcome or advice on how to improve my game .

      Would also like to hear any setup ideas that you would like me to use and try and get a win on FFA but nothing impossible or will take ages to do eg. Bump only Riot Sheild etc

        Would like to have posted this on the weekend but as i said i was havig problems uploading .As i would like to post a similar thread each weekend with different setups . Last weeks thread is " FFA win with DSR on Transit" if you want to look that up in the search bar theres also a KSG game and FAL gameplay .

        Thanks guys