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    Broken lobby = probation o_0

      I was put on probation twice yesterday for apparently not finishing games and dashboarding. Hmm. It's just that I don't dashboard. Oh, I've quit my share of annoying games, but I'm not a rage quitter as such.


      Instead, what was happening yesterday was I was trying to find matches only to end up in a lobby where the game was searching for 0 matches. It sat there like that for over five minutes, but when I hit the B button, I ended up with the black loading screen and Treyarch logo on the bottom right corner. After five minutes of that (I went off and made a coffee), nothing had happened and I couldn't even get the Xbox guide to come up, so I switched off.


      Turned the machine back on and I was on probation. o_0


      Happened again about 20 minutes later, but I managed to get back to the dashboard and same result: probation. So I went and had dinner. Came back, switched the Xbox back on and I was still on probation for the earlier error.


      Not the end of the world and I'm not whining about it, but it made me laugh that someone's sloppy code and busy network would end up with me locked out of the game. Seems very odd.