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    Get rid of Tactical Insertions = Get rid of "boosters"

      I am getting tired of getting into lobbies only to find a person that is 80+ kills and 4 or 5 deaths.  The next update should remove Tactical Insertions from the game.  While I appreciate the tactical advantage to properly using a Tactical Insertion, I am willing to bet that 80-90% of players using the Tactical Insertion are actually using it to cheat and boost.  The only intelligent way to battle these people who are unwilling to actually put forth real effort to earn rewards is to remove the main tool.  I mean c'mon look at what Treyarch did with the "GHOST" perk.  They made "GHOST" not work as it did in Black Ops just to cater the players who complained about "Campers".  Well, Tactical Insertions also cater to "Campers".  I suggest that Treyarch strongly consider removing the Tactical Insertion from gameplay.  This will strike a major blow to all the boosters and cheaters out there who will not put forth the effort to earn their rewards.