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        40. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

        Harney05 wrote:


        if you can't rush which is what this game is made for then don't play it

        Says who? I didn't hear anyone say rushing was the only way to play. Typically little kids thinking they're way of playing is superior

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          41. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

          Harney05 wrote:


          Why listen to this dumbass, a perk that lets you sit down in a corner calm and lets you play how you want how nice is that, if you can't rush which is what this game is made for then don't play it, don't come back, at least in this game you can succeed by rushing, the only way you could succeed in MW3 and MW2 is by camping...


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            42. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

            I have been going back to MW3 about once a week to play with my friends who have given up on BO2.  While there was plenty to complain about with MW3, it plays much better for me than BO2. 


            One thing that keeps me from playing as much BO2 as I did MW3 is the connection issue.  MW3 was far from perfect, in terms of connection and lag problems, but compared to BO2,  MWe might as well have been on LAN (in my experience).  Now I can usually find the odd good lobby on BO2, but I might have to bail on 2/3 before I find it. That is playing solo. 


            Playing in a party with friends has been horrible experience as it compounds the connection issues and everybody suffers.  Yet we can run with a 6 man party, kicking tail all night in MW3 and never once have to leave a lobby because of the connection.  In BO2.  I see that many other groups seem to be able to run in parties and have success, but for some reason it doesn't work for us.  Not being able to play with your friends because the connection is so bad takes a lot of the fun out of the game.


            I could go and on, but you get the picture.  I actually like Black Ops 2 quite a bit; I just wish it would get its act together.  It's like a sweet sports car that has all the bells and whistles, but stalls 3 or 4 times each time you take it for a drive.

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              43. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

              MW3 plays better now because there is less people on the servers as will BO2 when a new call of duty comes out

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                44. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                I have to agree with you on most of your points


                I liked the Maps better on MW3, i thought the maps had a better flow, and the quality of the graphics were 100% better,


                Spawn trapping was an issue in MW3 and still is


                I plugged in MW3 again this past Friday just for a change.......Lag was no better and still sucked, but having Assassin back made it easier to deal with the lag, ....at least i could creep around and not worry about UAVs


                The Map Rotation is better on MW3 .......Last night will playing BO2 i think the only three maps i played were HiJacked, Standoff, Raid

                After almost 3 months of BO2 ....i still dont know my way around "AfterMath" ......I may know i died close to the Bus, or Parking Garage.....but getting back to that area.....or knowing where i am in relation to a place a teammate reports dying at i still have not figured out


                I do like the Pick 10 system in BO2

                The Lag in BO2 is not as bad for me as it was in MW3, it is still there but isnt all the time

                Overall my experience with BO2 has been more enjoyable, mainly because of the Lag, I still would have to cast my vote to MW3 (never played MW2 online)


                A few changes i would like to see on BO2  other than Map design are


                1 change Ghost to keep you hidden from UAVs while NOT MOVING.......this perk is ass backwards


                2 on H/C modes change it to Richoet BUT keep in the three strikes your out rule, this would stop players from killing teamates to steal CPs or stop scorestreaks


                3 look at the attachments for weapons..........who ever heard of and extended clip for a REVOLVER....speed loaders yes....but extended clips.......this was another DEV dumbass moment


                4 allow us to assign scorestreaks to our classes .......this one size fits all seems dumb when you consider the pick 10 system........change it to pick 10 plus 3 for scorestreaks

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                  45. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                  I still play MW3 since my brother refuses to play BO2 for a number of reasOons. When I go back to MW3, I start beasting. I'm not the best COD player, but in MW3 I'm usually going 30+ kills and single digit deaths. A good round is 50 something and 5 or so deaths. In BO2 I'm happy to go 20+ kills and 20 or less deaths. A good round I'll go 30 or so and 15 or so deaths.


                  From what I can see there are two reasons.


                  1. The biggest difference is the competition. It really did get easier when BO2 was released.


                  2. Call it bad internet, lag comp, or whatever, but I've got more time in MW3. I feel like I'm a bit behind in BO2.


                  With that being said, BO2 has more to offer, but doesn't play as well. I'm a 20th prestiage in MW3 and 9th in BO2. I enjoy the gameplay of MW3 more, but BO2 is still new and there're still things to unlock.


                  Hopefully there will never be another weekend like this one with all the connection issues caused by the multitudes of people online.


                  Either way I look at it, MW3 or BO2 are both better than anything else on the market. Battlefield, after about 3 days played, just doesn't work for me.


                  If I had to choose it would be MW3. It's a smoother gameplay experience. BO2 just has more bells and whistles.

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                    46. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                    BLACKDOG wrote:


                    MW3 plays better now because there is less people on the servers as will BO2 when a new call of duty comes out


                    That's only partially true; and is balanced out be the fact that more players makes it easier to find matches that have relatively similar connections.  To me MW3 hasn't changed much at all.


                    It also doesn't explain why the party experience was good in MW3 before and after BO2 came out, but I am still waiting for the party system to work in BO2.

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                      47. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                      ghamorra wrote:


                      You should join me. Two days, two MOABs. For some reason MW3 is playing so easy

                      I have gone back to MW3 on a few occasions, it felt slower than BO2 ~ which I never expected.

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                        48. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                        Because the game is easier.


                        3ARC has been known for making it a bit harder to kill people.

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                          49. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                          I personally found MW3 to be such a terrible mess, I sold it (as you know).


                          MW3 had: Specialist (loved it!); Drop Zone (loved it because I could play it solo and still win with a party of useless nubs); Smoother game play than any 3ARC game (graphics and frames... but also predictability)


                          MW3 Also had: Insane hitboxes (making it easy to kill); deathstreaks (*sigh*), QD on Snipers (combined with large hitboxes made it stupid); Useless guns making it so only a slect few were viable (they did patch this so other guns became more usable); 1:1 stacking pointstreaks (making it way too easy to get higher killstreaks)


                          Lag - You never saw "Connection Interrupted" but that is biased: MW3 does not use that "nomenclature" but how many times did you find yourself running into walls, tripping over things that were not there, lag spikes, and host migrations.  MW3 also had in-game rubber banding (ever run up a flight of stairs only to be pulled all the way back down??)


                          Only in an IW game can you: Win a gun fight, and die; Be winning a game, and lose. The games are just too easy, which is why one can return to them and dominate.  3ARC games are noted for being harder to kill people (lag notwithstanding)


                          BO2 has: Pick 10, Diamond Camo (DC? who cares!?... well it adds a new challenge that if you want it, it forces people to use a variety of guns which is important for some that they see more guns being used); no guns are totally outclassed (if used in the right situations); an improved (but nowhere near perfect) matchmaking system (why can't anyone get this right)


                          BO2 also has: Game/PS3 freezing (very, very bad); (opinion) some maps are outright stupid; guaranteed to freeze if you change classes, start of game rubberbanding (very frustrating in dom when you cannot cap the base flag); Deranking for playing local


                          Running out of thoughts.


                          Since MW2 the games have gone downhill for 1 reason or another (MW2 was also not perfect, but one could at least play it - when will the devs realize that matchmaking is priority #1... not theatre).

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