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    all maps for free-for-all including nuketown 2025? why is this not possible?

      why dont they put all the maps for free-for-all.last black ops had no problems with that but now,someone i guess descided not to put the larger maps in rotation for free-for-all(RAID,TURBINE,AFTERMATH,DRONE,and last but not least NUKETOWN2025)....why would they do that...dont they know theres certain people like me who only play on free-for-all,and would like to see all the maps in rotation.and theater mode needs to be fixed now....please...o_0 i got about 15 clips that i havent uploaded and im strating to fall behind so someone please get this message to the right people so it could be fixed..thank you...have a nice day....sorry for any typos...lol..

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