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    change team killing to rebound

      would like to suggest that insted of being kicked for team kill witch are 99% accedent why not rebound the damage back to the shooter. as i sick of throwing granades ot others running in the line of fire and getting kicked for 5 min when its an accedent like i had a round was 44 kills 6 deaths and got kicked after granade killed 4 team mates wtf

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          Re: change team killing to rebound

          No way. Ricochet caused soo many problems in MW3 Hardcore. ******* teammates blocking you in, standing in Stealth Bombers/Airstrikes/Predators, and standing on top of/running into your explosives, all for the sake of trolling/griefing.


          I had at least one of those idiots for every game of Hardcore I played. NEVER AGAIN.

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