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    Buff for Hard Wired. Make it also counter Orbital VSAT

      As a player of Black ops 2, the perk "Hard Wired' is hardly ever used by me, or other players online. In my opinion it should also counter Orbital VSAT.


      At this stage the perk only does

      > Makes player immune to Counter UAV

      > Makes player immune to EMPs


      This perk is simply not worth using at this stage.


      The scorestreak "Orbital VSAT" can not be shot down and has no counter to it. When one is in the air I find players camping and pre-firing while they are looking at the arrows coming to them.


      As an addition to Hard Wired I would like it to be able to counter the Orbital VSAT and it may possibly have more people using this perk as at this stage there are many perks to choose over it.


      After a patch the perk should

      > Make player immune to Counter UAV

      > Make player immune to EMPs

      > Make player immune to Orbital VSAT


      I would like to hear feedback on my suggestion and thoughts about it. At this stage nothing is able to stop a Orbital VSAT as it cannot be shot down and there are too many people camping just waiting for the arrows to come to them.