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    New update is amazing!!

      Everyone complaining is being ridiculous.. This is the best TU to come out yet!! The lag is virtually non resistant for me and I'm playing peak hours and have been on for 3 hours in multiple different games!! I'm loving this update!! Just thought I'd put a positive spin on these boards!

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          lag seemed a lot better for me as soon as I switched my search options

          Matchmaking and host is still sucky though, nearly every dom game tonight I've been dropped into an ongoing match with three orange flags and my smg's dont seem to work right but it's playable

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            $hit, I meant non exsistant lol.. And yeah my hit detection had never been so on point! Especially during peak hours!!

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              I still get some garbage deaths on a lot of lobbies.  I just quit till i find one that works or wait till the next migration.

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                Same for me, only played for 3hrs today but in those 3hrs I came across only 2 laggy lobbies were I was matched with a load of Germans.


                I have said from the start that lag comp is not the major cause for lag it was matchmaking and that is what they have made changes to.

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                    Just wanted to point out 2 possible things that I have noticed after the update that may have not been intended. 


                    First I have seen several people with messed up combat record stats (i.e. gun usage and kills)


                    Second, while with a group in public rooms, I back out of the public room and Bring Group with me back to the "create a class" menu.Used to be that was the staging lobby prior to actually searching for a game.  I have had where I backed out to this menu and set my controller down to go get a drink or use the bathroom, only to come back in the middle of a game that we were thrown into.  I was the group leader, so this should not have happened unless I searched for a game.  This happened to me 3 times today (Jan 26th 2013). 

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                    it's easy to say everyone is just being rediculous it's working "For You".... Fact is it's made it better for some, it's made it worse for others and for some people there really has not been much difference.


                    just be glad your now on the good end of this rubbish.  I have been playing since about 9pm and it's now almost 3am (dam i need to go bed) If mostly had bad games, one or two good ones. thats it.


                    i have spent more time jumping lobbies though then I actually have playing

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                      Just checking around the net at well known glitch/booster forums.. Boosters are still out and full force, but the glitches like floating in the air, doing the famous create custom class in MP lobby, and the prestige theater has been patched.. and now they are all out looking for other ways to cheat. So glad they patched a few things, but there is still more work to be done. Now if we can get the autobot to start banning when something isnt right we be all set.

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                        O.K., I wanna know if you guys are from the U.S. and if so what part because you are literally the first 5 or 10 people I have talked to today that are enjoying this update. I do not understand how so many people, including almost every one of my gamer friends are having the worst games since launch and it gets worse with every patch. HOW CAN IT BE SO GOOD FOR SOME AND COMPLETE TRASH FOR OTHERS?!!!! The game was fine for me at launch and has gotten worse with every update and this is the worst.

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                            I only tried one game after the update and it was a lag filled mess. Of course, I was host and we all know what happens to host. I literally need to join a match in progress just to not be host but than I'm losing badly and the enemy has Scorestreaks up in the air. I could stay for the beating but the odds of me being host next game are higher than not.


                            I'm from USA (Illinois)

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                                i live in the mass. accord it wikipedia "the region supported 49.6 million people, about 17% of the U.S. population on less than 2% of the nation’s land area". so that means i should be easily matched up with people who are close to me which should mean less latency. but that is far from what actually happens. i really wish they listed everyones ping in ms from the host.

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                                Im in the U.K, the only time I have problems is when I end up in a lobby of Europeans. We have a couple of Americans that run with us and 1 has terrible connection and the other although he is on 2bar will do perfectly fine.


                                I think its line quality, my line to the local exchange is very short only half a mile away. If I was say 5miles from the exchange then your line will probably be poor

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                                What do you set you search preference on?

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                                  Hi Treyarch

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                                    It was absolutely awful for me so i've reluctantly put down the game as its unplayable for me.


                                    We have very good internet, no other devices connected, gamer profile and ports forwarded correctly. My search prefs have been changed to see if that helps, nope.


                                    Super super lag and unplayable games. I get 1 good game in 10 at best

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                                      ok ive got to be honest here i gave this update a fair run last night 6hrs straght and my findings are


                                      1 my games seem to run much better on my own unpartyed with freinds.


                                      2 there was lag in the games but to be fair it was the hop skip and a jump(better than the magical apearing killer)


                                      3 no insta kills


                                      4 match making seems better on normal (tried best got put in with sweeds and germans)


                                      5 hit detection seems better


                                      6 never realy noticed any host disadvantage


                                      my findings partyed with freinds (they party leader and me also )


                                      1 games were still hit and miss (magical apearing hunters)


                                      2 mostly yellow bar lobbys


                                      3 lag was pritty bad at times


                                      4 matchmaking was slow


                                      5 hit detection played up


                                      6 random boot out of lobbys (and party split into 2s and 3s weird one)


                                      7 was a sec behind again in lot of the games


                                      8 seemed to have host disadvantage a lot


                                      the nerf of smgs i hate they just seem unusable now i used to run a scorpion fast class to combat the sec behind and laggy lobbies dont work any more


                                      so i must agree there is a improvment in game play for myself after patch however as it nice at times to run as a lone wolf i preffer playing with freinds and not realy fixed it for me (unforchantly they most part have netto internet so il have to make a dissicion on what to do now)


                                      and on a plus note id like to say well done to that guy on multi team last night (sorry dont know your name) who ruined me with a score of 109-1 i know i joined at end but fair play to you and from what i could see there was no foul play involved.

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                                        I'm in the Northeastern US and I haven't really noticed any difference at all.  It's still good during off hours when the online population is low (under 300,000), then when the population increases I struggle to find a match where I'm not shooting ghosts and getting one-shotted.


                                        I still don't understand why high population increases the lag.  You would think that you would get better connections because of the increased pool of players.  Maybe prime time is when the more casual players with poor connections come on?

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                                            In North Carolina here and i have found, today especially, it is horrible with amount of people being lag compd or whatever you call it.. i actually just had my internet upgraded yesterday to a higher speed for work purposes and  it has just got worse... the day before the patch, i played for about 3 hours and had a positive KDR and was actually liking how i was doing (not a great player, will admit it)... today, i was lucky if i reached 10 kills and didn't have 20 deaths... i can't even count how many times i shot someone at least 6 times only to die and then to watch the kill cam and not even see my gun shoot 2 times nor see hit markers on the enemy... i hope this isn't what the patch brought to those of us who actually have a GOOD intenet connection.

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                                              I've been thinking about this. I think the game seems to favor the middle of america for making host if it can. In the morning when most are east coast players. I seem to pull host every game. Most if not all players are 4 bars. Once it hits 12pm est I start to notice a lot o players from middle states. When they get host what happens is the game then starts throwing people from the west coast in the games since they ping the same as east coast players to someone in the middle. This is where the 1 sec behind feeling comes from.

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                                              This is a joke right? Since the update came out I cannot even finish a game! I've disconnected from nearly every lobby I've played in and it's not because of my internet connection, which is top notch. Treyarch seems either incapable or unwilling to provide a higher quality service. I really wish they would be removed from the CoD franchise. Thei compeny isn't worth the toilet paper I wipe with.

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                                                  it will be the same with every update you get your winners and you get your loosers just a fact of online gameing.


                                                  dont get me wrong ive come on here moaning ranting and so on but ive also stated the truth about what i have bein exsperianceing also from release to this update ive had a terrable experiance with this game but since the update it has a little improvment for me although it may just be coincedence of the shear amount of people online due to double xp

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                                                      Also possible In my case too.. Ill know for sure late tonight after the wife goes to bed and I get a good 5 hour gaming session in.. Lol.. But I've been around 2.0 KD and a 450 SPM since this update, which is higher than it has been..

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                                                        So there will always be winners and losers? It's like the slot machines? Are they suddenly distributing the favorable connections equally amongst all players? Or maybe it's totally random? So you end up having 1 good game out of 10, when your turn comes up?


                                                        I ask this rhetorically, because that's really how I experience the whole online play. In the end, it's simply not worth the money I paid for.

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                                                      Sounds like a great update on paper but I haven't been able to get a single match since this update had my good and bad matches before better than nothing. An I've tried everything opening ports switched search preference this update is garbage for match making. Heading back to Halo 4 least I can play there.

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                                                        HC suffers lag effects less. I got years of proof.

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                                                            Restore_Hardcore wrote:


                                                            HC suffers lag effects less. I got years of proof.

                                                            Actually the truth is hardcore doesnt have the things that people use to assume they have lag.. and the games borked.


                                                            said it numerous times before you hardly ever see a hardcore player complain about lag comp, being x amount of time behind ect.. wierd seeing as we and the core guys all play the game wit the same code ..hmmmm

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                                                              I can't say we, the HC players lag less since its the same code I think we may notice it less cuz of how HC plays but in the end it's still the same game on the same servers.. I've always been a hardcore player since day 1.. That will never change!

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                                                              I have been playing a lot of hardcore and I still notice the lag, it's just the same.


                                                              the only difference is when you catch someone off guard etc there is less chance of them being able to get away.


                                                              also becase people camp a bit more you won't notice it as much, having said that, I still see enough of it to leave a game straight away when I think it's lagging.


                                                              I can go back and play cod4 or mw2 on hardcore and still feel a great enough difference to know that something is wrong with it in blops2 and I don't think reducing the health in core is the solution, they simply need to fix whatever they have done.

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                                                                The lag is less and they lowered the power on smg's

                                                                they made the fal bad also

                                                                but they have a lot of bugs they need to fix like the lightning strike call in bug and some times the laser sight doesn't appear. They need to fix it.