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    Yup, another complaining thread.


      So Treyarch decides to release a double xp weekend, which is the dumbest idea ever. "Let's release double xp, instead of fixing lag or glitchers, maybe the community will take their mind off of our mistakes. Oh, and let's add a Nuketown 2025 playlist, that'll be icing on the cake!" This game, which is my favorite by far, is growing more pathetic each and every day. More account clones, more lag/connectivity issues, more freezes, same garbage that's been here since release. I can't even play the Nuketown playlist, (not that I really care to) because of the horrific connection, Yeah, give someone host so 1 person can have a 4bar and the rest of the lobby has 3 or less. My NAT went from Open to Moderate today. It's been open since the first Black ops, never changed, but wait! My NAT on MW3 is open? Seriously, this game is only getting worse on PS3, I bought an XBox just to play Black Ops 2 but then again, I hate XBox so what's the point? All in all it would be my all-time favorite game, if the Multiplayer gameplay weren't glitchy from release. Not even starting on the freezes. -_- Done.

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          xbox has a lot of the same issues.

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            Maybe I'm just lucky, but the game is getting better for me.
            Not A LOT better, but it's an improvement from when I didn't even want to touch it at release.

            The only issue that is really starting to annoy me is the sound making that annoying buzzing noise and then stopping altogether until you restart the game.
            Also I kind of hate when you back out and it says "Reconnecting to party" for 5 hours. After about 5 seconds, I'm pretty sure that there is an issue with rejoining the party and would prefer for it to not try to connect me to a disbanded party for the next 20 seconds, but eh, that's not a gamebreaking issue.

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                Your gain i'm afraid is my loss, the game started off good and is just getting worse and worse.  Screen freeze 5 times tonight 9 out 10 games just a complete lagfest.  A few weeks ago the game was great really smooth not now.


                Currently 760K people online and every game I am matched with 1-3 bar people, you would think with my setting on Best and so many people online I would be matched accordingly.


                I just have to accept that online gaming just does not work consistently, I would prefer to have a level playing field rather than easy wins and impossible losses.


                Just glad I didn't pre-order the DLC.

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                Your banging you head against a large wall looking for answers that treyarch cant even answer.... Game is dooomed crap connection players only..... Luck based game now not skill.

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                  They released a huge patch on the 26th (yesterday at time of writing this comment). So its not just double exp weekend to take our minds off the problems in the game.


                  They buffed ARs, nerfed silenced SMGs, removed possibility of joining host in diff. contintent if playing solo, nerfed the FAL, buffed LMGs.