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    Suggestion to Activison on how to fix Black Ops 2

      Honestly I have been saying this for a long time now. This game receives too much negative feedback in regards to lag yet these people (lagarch/Activision) refuse to come out and give any sort of statement. Frankly I think this cannot be fixed with a patch otherwise they would have already. I think this game is just badly coded and is better to just throw stupid patches and port triggering suggestions than admit they fuckd up. The only way this can be fixed is this:


      1- Dont ignore the big elephant in the room. This game plays bad for alot of peple. Admit it.

      2- Go back to your studio, open that file you rename every year with the name of the new COD iteration. FIX IT, if the developers cant, fire them get someone       who can.

      3- Now put the game on the playstation store/microsoft market or whatever is called for FREE! (As long as you can verify the serial number just to make sure     you actually bought and own the game)

      4- We download it, we play, we have fun, we forget about all of this and start saving for the next rehash.

      5- WIN WIN


      I think is a solid idea, what do you guys think?