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        20. Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

        To me mw3 seemed like a map pack too mw2. The game sucked I've already played more hours on bo2,then i did on mw3

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          21. Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

          This is why I think the lag is so bad . 90% of the people playing don't give two ***** about youtube or game play videos. Give us the option to turn theater off, it doesn't even work half the time. The lag issues started with bo1 when they included theater mode and its been  in every game since. They keep forgetting how they patched it in the last game too so it plays like **** for the first few months.

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            22. Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

            This game is already far better than MW3 in almost every way gameplay-wise, IMO. The only thing just as bad, if not worse is the lag, which causes lag compensation. Because there's so much lag, it gives people with lower connections more lag compensation, which results in them surviving when they otherwise should not and getting kills they didn't really earn.


            I gotta disagree on points 5, 6, and 7 though.


            5.) That's pretty much LMGs are MEANT to be, defensive/supportive, sentry guns that are meant to hold down areas/objectives and not move too much unless it's safe. They are NOT meant to run and gun and people NEED to realize that. The Target Finder also, despite how a majority of complainers act like, is NOT some auto-aim, insta-win device. The person using it still has to actually do the aim and shoot accurately to get the kill or it means absolutely nothing and, trust me, A LOT of people continue to suck at aiming even with the Target Finder.


            I can admit that, when used by random corner campers, it can be frustrating, but then again, considering how corner campers tend to operate, they would've gotten the kills without the Target Finder anyway, so trying to blame the Attachment is a bit pointless.


            CoD may be more fast-paced action, but there's nothing saying that that's all it MUST be for every single player, hence, why there are many players who range from random (corner) campers to defensive/patrolling players who would rather NOT run around like a headless chicken.




            6.) Explosive damage seems fine to me. Haven't really had any WTF moments with them.



            7.) I do admit that some could use work, like Hard Wired (don't really use Awareness at all and Dead Silence also prevents enemies from being alerted if their equipment is hacked/destroyed), but overall, I don't find the Perks all that bad. I guess 3arc was being cautious when doing them due to all the camping Ghost-user abuse in BLOPs I coupled with the Assassin Pro abuse in MW3. Add on the Pick 10 System and I guess they didn't want to have players being TOO big with multiple Perks being a possibility.


            And I do use Cold Blooded and Fast Hands on classes too out of Tier 2 Perks.


            I suppose they could've added more of them, along with more Wildcards for some variety, so long as certain ones are in the same tier and don't add TOO much to players lest they use them together for abuse. (The number of people I saw in MW3 with Blind Eye Pro, Assassin Pro, and Dead Silence Pro was quite sad.)

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              23. Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

              Flop ops2 just caters for crap players with crap connections to make them look good..... Good players with great connection get punished............this will be my last cod game i buys mw3 had its problems.... But this takes the pissssssss........ boycot the DLC's

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                24. Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

                Remember when people say MW3 had the worst lag ever? People tend to praise the older CODs and trash the current one. When MW4 comes out, we'll be saying how great BO2 was and how horrible MW4 is.

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                  25. Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

                  1. I seem to manage just fine, after I had set up my search preferences to "Best". Ocassionally i tend to get some of those BS moments where the host is crap, but soon after it tends to find a new host. I personally, haven't had the issue of lagg in to game.


                  2. I can join my friends and party up no problem, unless they close their lobby.


                  3. Yes! The enemy always seems to spawn behind me. Agree with you on that note.


                  4. I feel like Treyarch is trying their best to keep the guns balance, unlike previous COD titles.


                  5. Indefferent.


                  6. I feel as if they did increase the range of the explosives, but can't truly give my thoughts since I just tend to run around wearing Flak Jacket.


                  7. I personally run Fast Hands.


                  8. Yes, I personally hate when this happens when I am playing with my friends and they cut off. As well as when I'm going to 'Create A Class' and it freezes for a good 5-10 seconds... I also play of my PS3 slim.


                       Of course they would still be some issues with the game. Overall, I seem to be enjoying this game more that previous COD titles, I'm personally not much of the Modern Warfare franchise fanatic since the game, for me, was to realistic for a COD game, imo. I enjoy running around with only a blade and some tomahawks, as well as doplhin diving throughout the map.

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                    26. Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

                    BO 2 frame stutters and rubberbands all the time for me, MW3 seldom does that for me, and MW3 never froze my PS3

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                      27. Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

                      Issue 1 - Lag/connection/servers -

                      Yes, this game has not improved yet, but we do not have 1.05.


                      Issue 2 - Partying - Getting incredibly fed up of not being able to play with friends and clan members because it simply wont join their lobby,

                      True, today I realized the the people I was trying to invite couldn't join plus 4 because I had it closed. Didn't know you can go upto 12. Changed that added 8


                      Issue 3 - Respawns

                      Yes ~ something is off, puts you within limits of recent death.


                      Issue 4 - Weapons

                      If you can respond that you are an AR player! Props!


                      Issue 5 - Target Finder

                      Your still talking about this! hahahaa this topic was about three weeks ago!. EMP damage is the new thing.

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                        28. Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

                        MW3 was really good after the patch sometime in mid-summer 2012, it largely removed the lag comp in the game for me. Hadn't gotten a MOAB before that, then after whatever patch that was, I got MOABs for days and my tdm k/d skyrocketed from 2 to 3.4

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                          29. Re: Why BO2 will never be as good as MW2/3

                          as many of your points are valid, you have some complaints that would make this game awful. 1, 2, 3, and 8 I can agree with you. most the issues in this game come from lag, connection, and freezing issues. 3arc and Activision have definitely created beta ops 2 with this game. too many people skipping around the screen, the lesser connection being rewarded, unexpected host migrations due to connection, and even zombies have been put to shame. the list can go on and the developers can read all these comments only to do nothing about them but I'm here to argue your points 5, 6, and 7.


                          target finder: it's not the worst attachment in a game. I read a reply here talking about how you can't blame the attachments for kills, it's the user. if that attachment was never implemented in this game, I'm sure there would be numerous complaints regarding another attachment making kills easier for the opposing team. bottom line is, if target finder is annoying you so much to complain about it in a thread, then you haven't adjusted your gameplay to better fit the scenario. opposing teams can use target finder all they want against me but I don't blame the attachment. I change my gameplay and make it difficult for them.. a simple emp grenade with scavenger does wonders to a target finder.


                          explosives: no one plays COD for realism? I'm sure many of us started playing COD because of the realism. if you want explosives to only kill you 2ft away from the grenade, then that would spark a ton of other complaints. I must say, the only gripe I have about explosives in this game and every other COD is C4. when the f*ck did you ever see someone throwing C4 at a person only to press the trigger button right before it hits their face? COD after COD it's the same C4 tactic (if it can be called a tactic at that). nonetheless, the user is to blame for using it in such a manner. apart from that, the explosive damages are justifiable. I remember in mw2 how many people complained about the explosions in game so they had to tone it down. hell I took advantage of it and created a pyro class made up of danger close, n00b tubes, semtex, rocket launchers and scavenger. in black ops 2, I don't hear so many complaints about explosions anymore. there's always the flak jacket if you can't stand the 'excessive' explosion damage.


                          which brings me to my closing.. perks. everything I mentioned so far can be countered with other equipment or perks. so how can you say they're useless. EVERY COD had atleast one useless perk each year but to say ALL of them are useless? kind of stretching it out too far. and yes, I do use some other perk instead of toughness and scavenger for perk 2: cold blood. why you didn't mention cold blood makes me wonder what type of game you play. seems more of the run n gun, dash to the nearest enemy and try to take them out. more offensive brutality than strategy. perks are ok in this game. can't complain much here.


                          this game is flawed with the connections and freezing, not the gameplay. flops 2, beta ops 2 but not worst-cod-game-2.

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