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    Skill Based Match Making + Lag Compenstation = Unbearable Experience

      I am sick and tired of getting matched up vs Try Hards who Dash board or talk so much **** with their party members in lobbies. You add lag and terrible lag compenstation to go with it, and what you have is a brutal experience and it is absolutely not fun at all.


      My SPM is 460 so I am constantly getting paired up with high prestige **** talkers and dash boarders causing failed Host Migrations when I call in a VSat or Dogs and such. Its ridiculous.


      They need to put back normal match making until they get the lag sorted out at least, because its brutal. The game is not enjoyable at all. And its also one of the main reasons I have not purchased the season pass at all.


      Skilled based match making is a joke to begin with, because even when you get on a roll vs **** talker try hards they dashboard all the time causing the game to end giving you a loss. This hardly happened when match making was normal.


      What Treyarc does not realize is there has to be a mixture of noobs and good players all in one lobby, it makes games less stressful, and host migration fails are not as common.


      Black Ops 2 is the least most enjoyable COD I have ever played, and I have been playing COD since 2003 on PC. MW2 was a mess, but the game had amazing hit detection and hardly had any lag at all, which made it playable for me and enjoyable.


      Skillbased Match making with the lag compensation has ruined the fun out of what could have been the best COD in years. Either bring back normal match making, or fix the damn lag. They should revert back to normal match making until they sort out the connection issues. Skillbased is BS and not fun at all.

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          I haven't noticed any skillbased matchmaking with an average SPM of 500, and a weekly SPM of over 600 in Domination.

          Dashboarding happens even without skillbased matchmaking.
          Having awful players in a lobby with a bunch of good players only makes it less stressful for the good players.

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            I agree.


            The lag is ridiculous now, it was actually better in the first few weeks of release from what I experienced.


            And I wouldn't mind playing against better players as I enjoy the challenge, but you're right about them always dashboarding when they get their ass handed to them. Once I call in my dogs and swarm there are 3 possible outcomes.

            1) the host leaves/dashboards

            2) the majority of the team leaves and only 1 or 2 guys stay (giving me less kills for something I earned)

            3) 'enemies will forfeit in 20 seconds...'

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              Also I want to make something clear, I play Solo 100%. I never play in parties, I can if I choose, but I do not.


              And one more thing is, I do not mind Skill Based at all, its not like I am complaining about getting matched up vs good people, its just that the lag makes it so stressful and because my internet connection is so good I often get the crap end of the lag compensation. Its so frustrating. Then if I do well vs try hards they dashboard giving me a loss. How is that fun?

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                This games driving me mad please please sort the lag comp out balance the game please please..... I go back to mw3 im great again this crap im 1 or 2 seconds behind please please ffs why are you not listening to the community lag comp is not working ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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                  The general consensus now is that skill based matchmaking has been severely limited or completely taken out of the system.


                  I know this because the people that get into my lobbies all seem to have less than 1 k/d and 250 SPM, whereas I have more than double their stats.


                  Back in november/december, everyone in the lobby was at least 350 SPM it was crazy. So if you still get SBMM I'm not sure what to tell you.


                  Also, trying using wireless rather than hard-wired, it seems to reduce the lag comp significantly. If you can, use an older wireless router and increase the distance/obstruction between the router and your console. It helped me a ton.

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                    I have to say after reading this many have come here to sort of express the same. They reach a certain level in SPM then they begin to "hate" the game because of this or that.


                    I'll say, my SPM has increased into the 300+s mostly with TDM and I have had some very high players above 400 play very well! And I say well, dudes just knew how to play that much better. This SPM thing is more powerful then I think we realized.

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                      The only "skill" this game matches on is level. I had two friends buy the game the same day (about two weeks after Christmas). I was getting matched up with people around my level ever match before I played with them. As soon as a partied up I got nothing but zero prestige lobbies. I was getting 3-4 cycles in of my Streaks per match in KC. My SPM was around 500-600 during these days and my K/D went from a heavily diluted 1.30 to what it now; 1.55.


                      So in that regard, yes, there's skill based match making. But it doesn't have to do with you SPM, it has to do with your level and gaming experience

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                        Here is the way that I see it. This game is a competitive one. Now, if you're lagging out and the match just isn't fair because of it, then I can understand the frustration and wanting to leave; but if you're playing and the connection and everything is good, and you're just on the recieving end of a good ole' fashion butt whoopin' and you dashboard, maybe it is time to rethink your game of choice. If you're gonna be a sore loser or a sore winner, this community doesn't need you. This is a competitive game that people play to have fun, so be a good sport about it and win or lose like a man/woman.