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    Nice job, but where is the zombie (ADS) patch?

      Well? We're waiting..





      The bullets never line up whenever you fire an assault rifle while aiming down sights. See for yourself, get any assault rifle from the mystery box and fire your bullets at a wall then look at the bullets, they don't line up!

      Please keep this thread bumped in hope of getting this glitch patched as soon as possible; it's existed since the game's release and it's surprising how nobody noticed this sooner. Thank you.

      This bug is annoying, get this topic noticed so it gets patched ASAP. It would really suck to be playing on the new dlc while this bug is present.

      if you still dont understand, this is what the bug is: lets say there are three points on a wall, marked point A, B, and C. you are aiming down your sights, at point A, and you shoot, but the bullet gets fired at point B, even though you are still aiming at point A.

      The point is that the guns are supposed to fire where the iron sights are aiming, which they do not, therefore this is a bug. All idiotic posts regarding "it's realistic herp derp" will be ignored and considered as a free bump. If this was intended to happen, then why aren't the pistols affected by this aswell?

      (btw this bug exists on the PS3, I'm not sure about the other consoles)