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    HOW TO PLAY TRANZIT (why your strategy sucks)




      **EDIT** This clearly isn't the only strategy, but I'm 99% sure its the fastest.  You will be set up quicker, you don't have to spend 20 minutes on round 1 as you can advance rounds normally and be fine, and you can do it alone if need be while other players do their thing.  I realise I turned this into a rant about holding a turbine part... deal with it lol.  Also if you think your strategy is faster I'd love to hear it so I can learn. **END EDIT**


      Ok so I've played a few games lately where people refuse to build the turbine until round 4-5 (which I cannot figure out why, if someone could explain that to me I'd love to hear it).  Anyway, I open every game doing the same thing, and I think most decent players do too.


      1.  Build turbine  (duh)


      2.  ONE person needs 1000 points, it doesn't matter who as long as they are coming to the bank with you right away


      3.  Run BACKWARDS from the bus to town.  You can easily cross the lava after the bridge by going to the far right side and running jumping across.  Piece of cake, no jugg or knuckles required


      4. Open the bank door (1000) and take out 20k-30k.  Everyone should have AT LEAST this much in there, its not difficult to save points.  If someone doesn't have it, I don't mind giving another player as much as they would need to get started and I think most decent players feel the same since you can easily replenish your bank in just a few rounds


      5.  Grab Jugg, and if you use it, stamina up (usuing your turbine of course)


      6.  Run BACKWARDS to Power and turn it on.  I grab tombstone here, but some players don't.  If I'm playing with randoms I'll grab the AK47u here too so I can take care of myself while they advance the rounds and I am running around


      7.  Run BACKWARDS to Farm (or teleport, but that can take longer sometimes).  I buy double tap and buy the Remmington so I can PaP it, but once again thats all preference.  If you need it, you can also grab your gun out of the fridge


      8.  Run BACKWARDS to Diner.  I'll grab speed cola and the knuckles here (you should have found the hatch by now as you have visited each possible location).  You can also hit the box a few times if someone hasn't moved it yet



      At this point, you should have all your perks, knuckles, and at least one gun that can get you past round 10.  Some people like to wait to PaP, I do it right away since you get enough max ammos in the early rounds where it doesn't matter. 



      9.  If you are playing solo, you should run BACKWARDS to Depot after you hit Diner to grab a fresh turbine then hit power to open PaP.  If you are playing with people then either go open PaP yourself and have someone hold it or have someone else open it for you from power





      This works EVERY time.  You can even do this by yourself if you have to while the randoms advance the rounds if you grab the AK74u or BR23 since those guns will get you through at least round 10.  One backwards running loop and I'm set for most of the game, and it doesn't take more than 15-20 mins for steps 1-8, which is a shorter time than some people wait in the Depot.  Beware, if you grab the BR23 before you leave Depot the bus will leave quicker and the randoms may cry


      If anyone has anything to add, please feel free to do so


      (Once again, please explain why you hold the turbine part if you do, thank you)

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          Yea all this is pretty standard, BUT after playing with randoms too many times I avoid all this. There's no point in spending 20 minutes for preparations on round 1 just to have someone rage quit. I only go through all of this if I'm playing with friends.


          Also, when I play with friends I split the jobs up. One guy turns on the power and places turbine down while the guy at Town goes in PaP and withdraws his money. He stays in PaP until the guy at power runs over to Town.

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              Good point about rage quitters, but I never play for high rounds unless I'm with people I know.  If people rage quit your other stats will still count anyway.  Splitting up the work is OK too, but I personally need to hit every stop anyway so I don't mind running around.  I can do it alone, but like I said if someone wants to help open PaP all the better.  I won't PaP till I've done a full backwards loop.



              I realize this stuff is pretty standard proceedure, but hopefully some people that don't know how to play will see this thread and spread the word.


              I do see some vets not realize that you can run across the lava by town without jugg too, they'll ride the bus till the shortcut.  This can be a problem for people that NEED to follow the bus around everywhere as I assume they make the bus leave while everyone else is trying to hit the box



              Also, you don't need to do all this on round 1 like I said.  I can play with 3 randoms doing their own thing advancing rounds while I run around as long as I grab either the BR23 or AK47u

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              every one has own strategy they are best at. stop complining and do your own strategy or play with friends!

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                  I play with friends 80% of the time, which is why I only recently became aware of people holding parts on purpose.  I am fine with people having their own strategy, I encourage it.  Just don't FORCE other people to wait for you to build the turbine, thats just stupid... really stupid.  As I said, the above strategy can be done while other people do what they do.  It will infact help them because all the doors will be open and power on before they get there.


                  My reason for complaining is that holding the part ruins EVERY OTHER POSSIBLE WAY TO PLAY, and FORCES people to play a strategy that is HORRIBLE.


                  Once again, if someone can please explain the logic behind that, I'd love to hear your reasoning 




                  The only thing I can think of is that people don't want to kill a zombie thats not stuck in a window?  But you have to do that eventually anyway even when you do hold the part


                  IDK, I really don't get it

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                      Really? Wellcheres an even easier solution, its called OPED THE DOOR! If people are trying to force you to stay in the first room, open the door and make the bus leave then carry on your merry way. Seriously, its 750 points, that's just needing to put 2 bullets in a zombie and then knifing it.

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                          Sorry for the spelling errors, its Australia day today so I'm not all that with it.

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                            Oh wow, I never thought of that!!!


                            Check what I wrote again.


                            Obviously you can open the door.  But you can't get anywhere in this game without a turbine.  No knuckles, no perks until power is on (you would be forced to run to town, then power, then back to town, then probably back to depot to grab a turbine before you could start to play)



                            Holding the part forces you to wait until they are ready, then its a mad dash to try and hit the box, and likely that the power won't be on until round 8+

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                                So your complaining that others are forcing you to not get your own way? Maybe they don't want power on in the first round? And by running backwards your forcing that upon them. If its RANDOMS you play with, every one will do something you don't like, we have to adapt to this fact or rage quit and find a new game. Sorry but its how random games work. Every one is different.

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                                    I still don't think you actually read my post...  At no point did I say anything about 1st round, or that everyone in the game had to do it.  I said the exact opposite infact.


                                    Holding the part is the ONLY strategy that prevents other strategies from being used.  That is why I am complaining about it.  My strategy does not force anyone to do anything.


                                    I stated a few times that you can leave others at the Depot to do their thing, they don't need to come with you or hold the last zombie for you, they are free to kill and travel as they please... or hold down Depot forever, I don't care.  My strategy does not interfere with what they are trying to do.


                                    I also stated I rarely play with randoms, so its not a problem for me.  The purpose of this post was 2 fold:


                                    1. Let a few people know of a more efficient strategy that takes about the same amount of time as waiting in depot till round 5

                                    2. Hopefuly someone would tell me why they hold the turbine part in the begginging


                                    Once again, holding the part forces all players to play by a terrible strategy as they cannot advance the game in a useful way without the turbine, and thus must go to Diner when the holder decides its time so eveyone can clusterf*** around the box as their guns and knives fail to do meaningful damage







                                    And once again, I'd love for someone to teach me why holding the part benifits anyone on the team, including the person holding the part 

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                            ya everybody already does your stategy...everyone thats good anyway but good lookin out for the less fortunate lol

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                              People who leave the room at rounds 1 - 5 are NOOBS at best with no real IDEA of strategy. All of you clowns use the same broke ass strategy of running for your life at round one because you're petrified of the four whole zombies on the map and NEED that JUG! No one here can boast 4 minute (UNTRAINED) round times past 25, so please on your "best strategy" nonsense.  I bet you get ALL your **** and then run trains for 4 hours, chumps.

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                                  lol what?  Calm down buddy 


                                  Do people not have reading comprehension skills on this board or something?  Half of the replies have been irrelevent if you actually read the whole post.  Oh well, thats what I get for trying to help out some people that don't understand how to play this game

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                                      Trying to help? You just said that everyone else's strategy sucks, which automatically makes you a dill-dough in the eyes of everyone on this forum unanimously. Your strategy is nothing revolutionary and I have done it many times before without needing to read your post. If you think it is the best strategy and do it everytime then by all means have at it, but not everyone wants to play a boring routine game where they wait 15-20 minutes on round one. That is incredibly monotonous. The only fun thing about that strategy is waiting all that time for someone to get all 4 perks and all that money and then watching them go down on round 2 and lose it all.

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                                          LOL!  READ THE POST!  NOTHING ABOUT WAITING ON ROUND 1


                                          Yes, I said "your strategy sucks" in the title, but that was more tongue in cheek about people holding the turbine part.  If you actually read the post you would see that I say this isn't the only strategy.  And I never said it was anything new... I said I was trying to help out people that don't know this is the most efficent way to get set up.  If you already know this, like any player worth a damn in the game, good for you!  You should shout it from a mountain top!  Or you could get your head out of your *** and realise that the next time you get into a game with randoms, someone may have learned this strategy recently and instead of them holding onto the turbine part and ruining the game they will now play like a normal player.

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                                      I like your method, two things that happen from time to time.

                                      1 - the lava pit is inconsistant, i teleport for safety

                                      2 -  with power and perks, a fresh turbine and run back to PAP. Randoms will sometimes turn the power off thinking they are turning it on. Not much you can do about that though.

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                                          Thanks lunar


                                          I did state to go grab a new turbine if by yourself tho

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                                              Had a few games where i've layed down a turbine at power, got into the PAP room then they turn the power off. I cant PAP my gun without power or turbine hence having to leave the room only for it to close again.


                                              It doesnt happen often, i guess this is the joys of trying to set up early whilst the others a too busy hitting the box at the diner non the wiser that the powers already turned on. By the time they get to power they think they are doing the right thing going through the motions by flicking the power switch not realising it's already on hence turning it off.


                                              Even with a mic, some people either cant hear, have voice muted or just dont care. Joys of playing random games i guess. Haha!

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                                            worthless thread. 4 people can just camp inside the bus with the b23r pistol the entire game and getting to round 25+ isnt hard at all.. granted, you need the headshot, revive and window upgrades (quick revive helps a ****-ton with the bonus), running with the m16 is simple as **** any idiot can do it, running outside where the ak74u is possible if you're an advanced player (not some ***** who watches syndifag and immediately thinks they know everything), even running at the bus depot is easy, and you cant forget the diner.




                                            lmfoa just read the thread; just a bunch of worthless information with unnecessary explaining..

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                                              I dont object to your stat OP but its not my prefered strat.


                                              I find things go much smoother to just take the bus when it leaves and go straigh to power. At Dept get on the bus at the end of round three then only get off again to check for the hatch and turn on the power.


                                              Every time I see people use your strat they go down then we are rushed by there zombies. Then I find myself alone at the power trying to turn it on alone taking on 4 peoples worth of zombies.


                                              If its round 7 or under I will run to Jugg any later in that we are waiting on the bus.


                                              And if it is round 7 or under after I get Jugg I go back to the Depot as my team is watching and when im inside I let the last zombie destroy my turbine so I can get another, then I buy an M14 of the wall to go with my AK. And then I kill the last zombie and its just like starting all over. The smart ones stay with me, get M14's and we hold it down. The rest go out and die.


                                              Honestly I do this just to teach people who run off by themselves at the beginning a lesson

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                                                  If people go down in the beggining, then they probably shouldn't be playing zombies anyway.  Like I said, grabbing the AK74u or B23R will get me easily to round ten without worrying about zombies

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                                                      People always go down at the begginings and quit lol especially people who run off by themselves.


                                                      You really have to carry most randoms and if you go off and leave them right off the bat there screwed is what im trying to say. And then they die and rage quit. If you keep them alive at least until they can get Jugg then maybe they can figure out a way to survive and not quit lol


                                                      Also alot randoms dont have bank cash so theyre not even remotely thinking of going that way so clockwise as a team strat is a negative with randoms.


                                                      Win and doubt I go with the dude on the bus because I assume the dudes going to Town know what they are doing but they usually go down at least 90% of the time. I would be lieing if I said someone has beat me to power more than a couple of times.

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                                                    All wrong. All you have to do is

                                                    Step 1. Circles

                                                    Step 2. Go into Fog

                                                    Step 3. Rinse & Repeat

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                                                      Cool, my GT is Tonana Barberian, on Xbox.  Hit me up sometime