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      I am so sick of the way Treyarch is managing this game. I haven't played in 2 days and, while it is possible that my 8 year old son and his friend were playing it this morning, NOTHING in a vidoegame this buggy and laggy should cause this kind of nonesense. I thought they disabled this "feature" weeks ago, but I guess it is something they have decided to either re-activate or apply to 2xp weekends.


      I am not only never buying another COD game, I will never buy another title by Treyarch period. They apparently have no idea how to load manage their servers or control the ACTUAL problems with their player base, they prefer this kind of crap, so they can get bent. I'll still play the ones I have when they don't make me feel like smashing my controller since they don't get any money out of me from my playing, but no more games, no more DLC, none of it.


      I'll get my T/FPS fix somewhere else, you aren't the only game in town. MGO is about to come back online ON THE XBOX, so there's that. See ya.