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    The reason I think this is one of the worst CODs

      Okay, so I liked this game at first, I loved the innovation, dealt with the fact that the lag and spawns were the worst ever and enjoyed it...until now.


      So me and my mates had a few goes on offline, fooling around with bots etc (knives only, no scopes only etc.) but this morning when I go onto live it says "all your stats have been reset" immmediatly I was like ****. but when I looked on it I found out that my rank was still there, all my guns were unlocked, but any attachments, perks, permenant unlocks, lethals, equipment and scorestreaks were all locked again with NO TOKENS GIVEN BACK. What the hell? can someone explain to me why this has happened? Cause BO2 has done nothing. I have never boosted, hack, dashborded, cheated or anything like that. Is anyone else getting this bullcrap from treyarch? I knew that black ops 2 was poorly executed with lag, spawns and armies of bugs but this, really? Someone help me, please, cause this is unacceptable.

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