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    3arc / Acti - Communication is a cheap and quick way to reduce angst

      I have sympathy for gamers who have been affected by the “local glitch”. Losing game progress is never fun, especially if it’s avoidable; the impetus of this post.


      Long term viability of many businesses, small and large, is improved through developing goodwill with its customers. A cornerstone of goodwill is communication. Sometimes you need to address adverse issues. Admitting to faults (we all make those), in a clear and honest manner alleviates angst. Unfortunately, many gamers only seek out forums, or other media, when a problem becomes evident to them. 100,000”s (guess) would still be unaware of the local glitch. So, allow me the gumption/arrogance of ghost-writing for 3arc/activision. The following could easily appear as part of “message of the day”


      “We have become aware of a glitch causing a player to lose progress within multiplayer. This occurs randomly to players after leaving local playlist. To those players already affected we apologise. We are currently working to remedy the situation. We advise against playing local playlist until further notice.”


      I came to this forum after BO2 launched because I needed tips on how to improve my connection. I may have grown up with computers, now 32, but I always seek the help of those who know better. Unfortunately for me, my gaming experience continued to be poor (80% behind, 10% level, 10% on top). Feeling my outcomes were based more on connection than play, I put BO2 away. I enjoyed the following month without beating my head up against a wall   I played last night to find a not perfect, but more consistent gameplay – much more enjoyable. But, I can sympathise with those who feel their connection has worsened of late. It doesn’t sit well with me that D.V was still asking for video proof of lag issues 2 months after launch; this does not evoke customer confidence (IMO). It would be far better PR to let gamers know that the lag issue (granddaddy of them all) was being worked on.  Something along the lines of: 


      “Lag within multiplayer.

      Addressing lag within online multiplayer games is a constant issue for all game developers. The problem being that the internet is an imperfect medium. Distance between connections and the differing strengths of connections means that no two connections will ever be identical. In BO2 we have the challenge of developing an online experience that caters for up to 18 gamers at any given time. We are constantly looking to improve the online game experience for everyone. To maximise your own connection to BO2 we suggest following guidelines contained here (…link)” 


      The above ghost-writings are deliberately simple. I can fully understand why 3arc/activision keep specifics that they are working on “in house” – no need to confuse anyone. But, simple and honest communication can alleviate angst. I thank all those in the forums who have helped me improve my gaming and flagged issues (ie local glitch) – through simple communication. In my opinion 3Arc/Acti should be on the front foot in communicating issues, rather than leaving them to mediums such as this forum. Microsoft, 3arc, and Activision are not bound to improve services – all can withdraw content at any time for no reason (read fine print). These businesses all have the right to make a profit in selling their product.  However, common decency should never be overlooked.

      Why did I post the above?....because it was cheap, simple, and quick. (And it's raining; 2-300 mm expected over next few days)

      ................................................................................ ................................................................................ ......................

      Added: The next ghost-writing is all about 3arc/Acti getting on the front foot when it comes to addressing the unsocialable behaviourr of gamers who are selfish and immature. The rules already exist in TOC, but some gamers treat them as nothing more than window dressing. Boosters and offensive emblem makers are caught - how - by the monitoring by fellow gamers. Using Message of the Day can be used as the most direct method of communication. Making issues OVERT, not hiding in the fine print, would only deter those who flaunt the rules. You'll still have your rebels, but a warning of this nature only strengthens your ability to deliver harsher punishments. I, for one, am sick of seeing offensive emblems (10% rough guess), then report. I'm not a prude, I just keep my Rock n Rollin for my family and mates. Maturity has nothing to do with age - everything to do with respect IMO.


      " Every gamer has the right to enjoy BO2. If you chose to break the rules you will be punished. Offensive language, offensive emblems, boosting, or cheating of any nature will not be tolerated."


      In short - Not addressing adverse issues will only backfire in the end. 3arc/Acti get on the front foot using Message of the Day.

                                    PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN A CURE.



      Message was edited by: FalconR6.  The replies given to this tread and to Pereverto's post show that the support regarding this issue is as close to unanimous as you could expect. An important topic that BO2 should not ignore. 

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          Re: Communication is a cheap and quick way to reduce angst

          Makes sense. Been saying they should use the Message of the Day like this since day 1.

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            Re: Communication is a cheap and quick way to reduce angst

            Good post ! Yeah you would think a Multi-million pound company would do things a little smarter ! Lol but no! IW has TWO community employees!!  (Candise and Tina ) You would think it would be pretty simple for 3arch to hire someone that just deals with the community etc . You would think anyway !!

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              Re: Communication is a cheap and quick way to reduce angst

              Good post.  I was affected by the "local" glitch and lost all my custom classes, all of my completed prestige challenges, weapon challenges and scorestreak challenges.  I was peeved as heck when it happened, but looking on the bright side now I get to earn the XP for those challenges all over again, so it's helping me level up quicker. 


              When it first happend I thought it was some sort of punishment that had been handed out to me (in error of course) because the error message had said "your online stats have been reset" and it was only thanks to the folks on the forums here that I discovered what had happened. 


              The message of the day is the perfect opportunity to update people about things like this and I hope someone over there cops on and decides to do that, because not everyone is on the forums or Twitter keeping up to date with these goings on.

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                Re: Communication is a cheap and quick way to reduce angst

                +1!  Well said

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                  Re: Communication is a cheap and quick way to reduce angst

                  /agree with the reset glitch it drives me mad when theres a known issue that CAN be avoided with a little communication that they dont do it,


                  /dont agree with the lag one.. purely as whatever they say or try to explain people wont accept it or beleive it

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                    Re: Communication is a cheap and quick way to reduce angst

                    Well done! but one problem... not everyone reads the message of the day when starting the game. many have become acustomed to just pressing a the moment the screen shows to to bypass it. Once thing that could be done is a mandatory 10 second wait before being able to press a to continue on.

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                      Re: Communication is a cheap and quick way to reduce angst

                      May I contribute some other possible "ghost" statements?


                      "We have no intentions of adding any further Elite functionality into the game" or "We are working on adding more Elite functionality into the game."


                      "We are aware of the many issues people have been having with elite and are working to resolve them. Look for a patch soon."


                      "We are aware that Elite competitions are awarding random players with points they didn't earn. We are investigating these issues."


                      "We are aware that no clan received their XP or award for Sunday's clan op and will be working to distribute those points soon"


                      Just a few...I could probably write another 100 of these. Unfortunately, any of the statements above would mean they would actually have to be working on Elite which does not seem to be the case as we haven't seen a patch/update to Elite in well over a month.


                      The key to your post though is Communication. We need more communication and right now Activision has one of the highest user bases out there yet they do not communicate things with us. It's sad really. We aren't asking for details, we are asking for at least a little communication that you are aware of items and that you are working on it (or not working on it).


                      Mediums in which they can and should communicate: COD Website, Elite Website, Twitter, Facebook, Elite Applications (iPhone, Android, Console), and these forums.

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                        Re: Communication is a cheap and quick way to reduce angst

                        I thought people would have realized by now that they (Treyarch/Activision) do these things on purpose, in order to sell the title yearly. It's just another sad example of a publisher's greed ruining a franchise with good potential.


                        It's precisely why the Halo franchise was left behind when Bungie left Microsoft, and supposedly signed with Activison. Of course, corporate greed played a hand in that as well, with Microsoft specifically stating that Bungie were to leave the Halo license.


                        I'm just sick and tired of bad people ruining good things.

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                          Re: Communication is a cheap and quick way to reduce angst

                          excellent, the most concise way to address the consumers and a nice way of letting treyarch know that we expect a certain level of excellence that all of us love. If we didn't like the product none of us would bother buying.playing, and when an issue comes, fixing/addressing it.

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