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    My faith in people on this game has been restored!

      Just when all hope seemed lost I played a match of Dom earlier and we stomped the other team wasn't even close. What made my day was this guy after being stomped told his team(who was doing the usual losers ******** target finder this rocket whore that 1v1 me *****) to shut up they lost suck it up and try playing the objective next time. Then proceeded to give congrats to our team. I noticed during the next match that when you killed him instead of the usual freakout he'd say "eh good kill" or something else positive. It made me wonder what would happen if everyone who played was that mature and realized it was just a game instead of freaking out like someone had just punched their dog. The world would probably end.


      I thought it was a one time thing but no later on i played a match of Demolition and after the match same thing well sort of. He gave me congrats for being the only one on my team that played the objective and told everyone else on my team to go f themselves cause they were spawn trapping. It was a nice change and just wanted to share it with the world.