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    Is being host an advantage or a disadvantage?

      Recently I am being selected as host in 75% of all my games,I get a 4 bar but still people with 3 bar and 2 bar can see me first and so they shoot first and I die,but sometimes when I get selected host my game runs smooth and I am able to win 90% of my gunfights?so why am i behind other players  when I get selected as host and why sometimes my game runs smooth when I get selected as host?

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          It mostly has something to do your internet. The reason for why they choose the player with the best internet is because they need the host to have a certain bandwidth(Download and Upload Rate). The Host has to download and upload the most information and if the host isn't capable of doing that, it will not only slow him up, but it can also cause the game to lag. However, if the Host is capable of doing these things, they'll run the game smoother than anyone else, giving them a slight advantage. Now, there may or may not be things you can control that are affecting your ability to host the game. If your internet company and line are crap, you can't control it; but if they are good, then there are things that are affecting your internet. Some people connect their phones and leave them connected, leaving the computer on will draw away from your bandwidth. These fluxuations can cause serious issues if you are hosting. It is why I make sure nothing is drawing off my internet when I play online. That's about as good an answer I can give.

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            Being at an advantage when you are host is rare, but it does happen. Say you are host and everyone on your team has four bars to you while everyone on the enemy team has three bars to you....you would probably have an advantage. This is of course if they are actual three bars and not ppl dropping their connection to get better games.

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              I find host to be an advantage in a majority of matches however I do get the odd laggy match where my bullets are marshmallows.


              Host is a hit or miss. It's not perfect however I still find it playable (more than MW3)

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                You are at a huge advantage to be host. Anyone who sais otherwise has it in their heads.




                You may get some WTF moments as host, but trust me when I say you get ten times more WTF moments when you are not host.