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    Does anyone else feel like they're getting matched with bad players?

      I don't really see anything on this forum, but I don't think I'm the only one who has this issue. Every time I get on this game, unless I'm playing with a FULL party, the players on my team are really bad and the players on the other team are really good. People usually say it's because they're in a full party, but I've asked lots of people after matches where my team gets dominated if they're in a party and sometimes they say they're playing alone. So what this tells me is an entire team is being filled with great players (except for maybe 1 or 2 SOMETIMES) while my team is filled with all bad players.


      At the end of a match, we lose, of course, and my score is around 30-8 something similar to that (ground war, headquarters, hardpoint) while the teammates on my team are 6-20, 9-28, 2-12, 7-39. The ocassional 13-20 is there, but not often. The other team however will have players going 20-7, 22-9, 30-12, stuff like that. How am I supposed to have any type of chance of winning with odds like that? I know K/D isn't everything, but these people don't even play the objective. I find myself being the only one attempting to take the headquarter (maybe one other guy) while everyone else is doing their own thing. Once the other team clears us from the area, AT LEAST 3-4 of them are taking it while the remaining teammates are covering them.


      I thought this game was supposed to be based around "Skill based matchmaking". How are these players on my skill level? I never get scores that bad, and I always try to get the objective. Why don't I get teammates that do the same? I just want to know if I'm the only person who experiences this because I feel as thought the developers don't answer my questions about the problem because not many people know about it. It seems as if everyone just accepts the way this game's so called "skill based matchmaking" works. With headquarters games ending 0-250, I have absolutely no idea how people find that to be a product of something that's supposed to match players together based on their skill level.