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    Why I will not be buying DLC unless things change.

      First off, I love the game. I've had a lot of fun thus far and I'm going to keep playing. The problem I have is the way DLC is being handled this time around. First, like many of you I'm not happy to see the Nuketown playlist gone. I work at a entertainment store, and the reason that a lot of people bought BLOPS2 at launch was to get the first round of copys with Nuketown in it. Removing the playlist feels like a big middle finger to us. Yeah I can play custom games with it, but I don't play custom games that often so big whoop there.

      Second, I bought the Hardened edition so that I could get Nuketown Zombies. In almost every COD I have bought some kind of DLC or another, but this time around they want to offer Nuketown Zombies for people that buy the season pass. So basically, if I want to save the 10 bucks and buy the season pass, I get to pay for something that I have already paid for. Oh theres the second middle finger Treyarch. Thanks.


      The way they handled this situation the last time around was much better and is what really made me think that Treyarch was in it for the fans. Last time around we all got the classic zombie pack with the hardened edition. When they released that pack as DLC, they gave everyone with the Hardened edition Moon for free. I was ok with that.


      It seems that Treyarch is going the way of IW which is sad and I for one won't be buying DLC. Probably just a blip on their money map, but maybe if enough people make themselves heard, something will change. If not, well I'll enjoy COD for now and move on.