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    I killed MACCABI in a...

      Quad feed final killcam with a lightning strike, also got him in a peach of a triple kill with my gun (and to be fair he got me a few times as well) but the game goes and cuts them kills out the video, now I know this is just the same as killing anyone else but to me Maccabi is a legend so this was my own wee claim to fame, if it weren't for him and the MHCGM movement I would still be playing Core, flags and bombs made me a HC player and is the reason I am now playing nightly with 40 other boys from my small town.


      Absolutely gutted that theatre has robbed me out of sharing this and also another 15+ games tonight I have went back to check for cool stuff to share on my clan page it has cut the second half of the game, gutted is an understatement, sort your as of recent messed up theatre devs.