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    i wanna join a DUTCH mw3 clan ;D PC

      hey i'd like to join a dutch clan!
      i just started playing and like you guess my k/d ratio is low about 0.24

      unfortunaly i am prestige lvl 1 lvl 7 with 16 hours of playing time.. its because some stupid hacker raised my lvl and weapons. while i was in an lobby.

      i am a male from holland and i'm 19 years old.

      i dont like a TO serious clan its must have some fun within it !

      it would be nice if clan members rather be online in mw3 than in bo2.

      lol i ask alot sorry for that


      hope to hear about you guys soon


      ow and this is my playing time :

      monday - friday 8-10 pm gmt +1

      friday - sunday almost the whole day


      i hope it doesnt matter !


      greetz StaimTV


      playing on PC