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    Top 10 reasons why I don't want to give 3arc anymore of my money...

      But probably will anyway...


      10) pistols...i can't take 2 bullets from a pistol beating my 2 3-round bursts from an AR (that's 6 bullets to 2 to those keeping score at home)


      9)  unbalanced teams...i would say less than 5% of games are play are close. Not sure how this is 3arc fault but still not a fan.


      8)  people who talk on the phone or to family members while playing...not 3arc fault but it doesn't make me want to spend anymore money on this game


      7)  mw3...also not 3arc fault but I paid for all the dlc up front and only downloaded one before stopped playin that garbage game. 


      6)  hijacked...is this really the nuketown of bo2?  Not only does it seem to pop up every 3rd game but you know you're playing it twice in a row.  In case you wonder who that 1 vote for random map against you 9 votes for hijacked is...it's me.


      5)  target finder...how lame is this thing?...finds targets and then frames it for you. Does this really exist?  Why doesn't every US soldier have this thing? 


      4)  2xp weekend before new dlc...They do usually do 2xp and dlc at the same time, right?  Thought it was supposed to entice those who were iffy on buying new maps.  I myself would be thinking "we'll, I'm gonna be playing all weekend, might as well have new maps." I'll be so sick of this game by 29th it won't matter. 


      3)  quick scoping...you have the technology to rid the world of this silly "glitch".  BO1 was so much more enjoyable after qs was eliminated. Why would this be a part of the game?  This game is suppose to loosely simulate real battles I thought.  What day of sniper school do you learn the just before the scope gets to your eye pull the trigger move?


      2) Knifing...when you lunged at people in other cod titles, it meant that you had pretty much lined the knifing up and you would get the kill 95% of the time. The lung in this game means you definitely missed and are now on the other side of the guy with your backed turned to him. Have seen a few posts on this, but for how bad I think it is, I would think everyone would be complaining about this.


      And the obvious #1...like asking who is the greatest basketball player (MJ) or wide receiver (Jerry) or pet detective (Ace)


      1) lag/lag comp...it's not so much that its still there that bothers me, it's that it's seems to be as bad as ever.  This should be improving with each new title.  I feel like I got as good syncing when I use to play socom on ps2. (aaaah, socom... Could go for some fishhook right now).  I am gonna be so angry after I spend the money for dlc and still want to rage quit out of every game because I am getting shot around walls or getting instant killed.