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    A zombie one swiped me and nuketown M&S

      Tonight I was playing some survival on town and was at about round 23 when my friend goes down.....heres where I should add that we both had all 6 perks from using the tombstone exploit...anyway fast forward to me running clutch for about five minutes....let me set the scene here.....top of jugg building.....like I said all perks.....I get overrun so I jump down and head across the PaP lava pit and make it across fine.....all damage fades and I turn around to move inside bar.....thats when a crawler hits me one time and I get instant downed no warning no red hit mark nothing....just instantly downed...I watched the video and it confirmed my suspicion that it was one crawler alone.....anyone else had this happen? also the other day I was on nuketown custom 2 player and my buddy gets downed at about round 19 and for some reason is given mustang and sally like single player...odd....let me know if you have expierenced either of these things