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    Is it worth getting an XBOX for COD?

      Alright guys, been playing COD on PS3 since WaW now and noticed how every game since has slowly been getting worse and worse, the last couple of months have been almost unplayable on PS3 for me and a couple friends (In 3 games last night i racked up 11 kills and 57 deaths because of lag/poor hit detection/running a second behind everyone else) and are currently looking into going XBOX, not just for this title but long term.


      Ive got another friend already on XBOX and he says its amazing etc but im not sure if thats because it is amazing or just because he plays it alone and wants us to come over so he's got someone to talk to.


      My question to you the community is, How does this game run on XBOX?


      And could anyone provide a list of Pros/Cons to XBOX gaming?



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          Runs poorly for some on one console, and better on another. For some it runs the same (poor or great) on both. I know how immensely helpful that is (NOT) but hey, it is what it is...

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            The competition is harder on XBOX.  I always feel bad for PS3 players when I play it on my nephew's PS3.


            Performance wise, it seems to be about the same.  Same problems with lag, etc.


            If your friends are playing on XBOX, sure grab a cheapy from the pawn shop.  Otherwise, I would say no.

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              you shouldnt base buying a console off of one game but wiegh up what having that console would mean to you overall, each platform has its pros and cons, but ultimately its about having fun with friends. if you have alot of friends with xbl then why not just buy a cheap 2nd hand console off the net and give it a go.. you will get a free months xbl gold so..

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                I've got it for both consoles and there is virtually no difference in the gameplay, it lags on both, not all the time but it is noticeable.


                What I will say though is that the game definately looks better on the Xbox, try and convince your friend to come to your house with his Xbox and set up a temporary account to try it, a lot of games come with a 48hr Xbox live trial code these days.


                It might be worth it you could save yourself some money bearing in mind the next gen consoles will be out around Xmas time.


                Hope this helps.

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                  Xbox is the best. I bought both systems at the same time. Sold the ps3 to my sons teacher a week later. I now own 4 xboxes and am pleased as punch.

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                      About owning 4 Xboxs. Well I don't know about overall quality because honestly from what I'm hearing regardless of it being an XBox or PS3 those Lag, hit detection, etc, issues are there in abundance.


                      That said, at least for CoD they you all always get the DLC a month earlier and waiting sucks so I have a question for you....


                      I have two kids who play CoD with me, could I buy two XBoxs and each of us playing on our own account without having to pay for three different XBox live annual dues?


                      See that's what's nice about the PS3/PSN, each of two PS3 has all three of our accounts so regardless of which we play on you can rank up on your own account. And we get to share the DLC no matter which account we're playing on..... I'm wondering if XBox Live has that flexibility.

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                          As I understand it, (I don't own an XBOX) those features are exclusive to PS3.  XBOX ties the DLC to the specific account that purchased it and doesn't allow other users on the same console access to it.  Additionally, each account that plays online has to have a paid XBL account.  So the cost of just getting access to play online for a multi-account family can be quite substantial.

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                              That kind of sucks. Boy that does make me appreciate Sony a little more. I was ******** becasue I wanted to buy a couple of Vitas for the kids but was upset because it does not work like the PS3, each Vita Memory card is tied to an account so even though I can still use my account to buy content for both Vitas they can't build their individual trophies etc.... but now looking at XBOX LIVE I'm glad I can at least do that for the PS3.....


                              That settles it for me, PS3(4) for me and my kids.....

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                            Lol....and why exactly do you need four xboxes? lol

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                                I bought one at first. Then I decided I want one for me for my 60' TV and one for my boys on their 32'. Then my daughter wanted one as her graduation gift. Then I decided I wanted the limited edition MW3 one. SO that is how we ended up with four, but to tell the truth we now only have 3 as we gave one to my sons friend so he can game also.

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                              I started off playing CoD2 and 3 on my buddies xbox in college. I like the system but was too cheap to pay for the xbl each year! I have a PS3 slim (~3 years old). I am holding out for the new consoles and I will make my choice then, not now.

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                                The main difference you will find between the two is that you have to pay for XBL. Remember that you get what you pay for. You do get access to DLC sooner on several games including COD and The Elder Scrolls. You can play Minecraft (Which if you haven't you need to try it.) There are more players in the Xbox Community as far as COD goes. You will have more people playing with mics. Not to mention the Xbox Exclusives like Halo, Gears of War, and Forza.  It is worth it if you truly love gaming. I have all 3 of the new consoles minus the Wii U. Plus I have a computer that can play most of the new games.

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                                  I bought my first 360 for CoD4. I've also owned a PS3 since then. As soon as I became accustom to the xbox controller I could not play games on the PS3 anymore. If it wasn't for blu-ray my ps3 would just be collecting dust. Oh wait, it does that anyway.

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                                    Ultimately, YES, superficially, NO.

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                                      I dont have "much" lag iissues. Every game will run smooth, then ill get into a bad one. Not often though. I may be wrong but I think xbox users get the dlc stuff before the ps3 people. Which is a little perk.

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                                        I personally bought an xbox for cod4 and had my friend switch over from a PS3 for MW2.


                                        I find gameplay on the xbox and ps3 the same but the community is much better on xbox. I know you get the screaming 10 year olds but muting takes 2 seconds. Much better competition on the xbox

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                                          Dear Dan,


                                          I am afraid that there is a quite substantial difference between the game's playability on both consoles.  The PS3 version, in my opinion, should not have been released in the state in which it resides currently - it is my opinion that this game is not fit for purpose on the PS 3 - it is defective.  I have previously logged an issue with technical support, and have yet to receive any kind of response - except for the removal of my post in one of the forums.  In fairness, it is still within the technical support one (unfortunately, hardly anybody reads that forum).


                                          Anyway, following is what I posted - I hope it helps to answer your question.


                                          Kind regards,






                                          My original post...



                                          Severe lag, poor frame rate isssues black Ops 2 Playstation 3 / PS 3 - moved to Xbox 360.

                                          Posted by FunnySpaceBear on 19-Jan-2013 06:44

                                          Note: this is about xBox and PS3 so I will post it in both forums.


                                          Dear Activision,


                                          During the festive period I committed to purchasing Black Ops 2 for the PS3 / Playstation 3.  I was initially very impressed with the work that you had produced. However, as time progressed (a matter of minutes) I begun to discover the following problems with Black Ops 2 on my PS3 / Playstation 3.


                                          1.  On the map Carrier, if I were to look towards the centre of the map, in which is located a burning jet, the frame rate drops dramatically, especially when turning around.  If my character spins around slowly, it is possible to see the image start to jerk. I have also noticed this issue within the Turbine map.  If I stand toward the bottom of the map (near to the pick-up truck) and look upwards (I.e. along the shaft of the fallen turbine) I again notice a significant drop in frame rate when turning left and right.  This drop in frame rate makes targeting an enemy extremely difficult, it creates a barrier to being able to play the map effectively.


                                          2.  This point is something of which I expect you are already aware.  The network latency is making the playability of this game significantly more challenging than I believe it should be at this point in time.  For example, there are times when my character is shot when behind cover (I.e. shot even after the character has turned a corner), yet when the killcam shows the shot, I am still in clear sight.  This inevitably makes the competition more about a lack of network interference/lag than it does about skill.  At other times, I appear to be invincible - I would imagine that my opponent is at that poor end of the connection at this point.


                                          As a result of the abovementioned issues, and a lack of a fix/acknowledgment that Black Ops 2 on the PS 3 suffers crom these problems, I decided to buy an Xbox 360 so that I may enjoy the game - as I believe it has amazing potential (and I had read many articles stating that a lot of these issues do not exist on the Xbox 360).  I am quite fortunate on being able to do this, as I had been saving up to buy one for some time..  Anyway, long story short, the game on the xBox plays much better, the difference might be described as night and day - someone might even say that the PS 3 version of Black Ops 2 is not fit for purpose.  Rather than battling against drops in frame rate, I am now more often battling against my opponents within the game.  Unfortunately, there still exists an issue with lag on this console too. :-(.


                                          I have since purchased the Revolution pack on my Xbox 360, which looks really good.  Unfortunately, I had previously bought it on the PS3 / Playstation 3.  As the product has not been released, would it be possible to obtain a refund for the Revolution pack on the PS 3, as I now longer Play Black Ops 2 on the Playstation 3, due to it being overly difficult to play because of the problems listed above.


                                          Many thanks for taking the time to read this request/question.  I sincerely hope that you nail that issues being experienced by end users of the game, as it is clear that it has the potential to be one of the best first person games out there.  Congratulations for the parts of the game that work without issues - just need to nail down the other bits now.



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                                            dont get an xbox just for one game.  I just got another one (halo 4 edition) after not having one for 5 years.  Previous ones RROD on me and I got tired of that crap, so I switched to PS3.  And while PS3 is great to an extent, I have a better online experience with 360.   Its defintely the GUI on the 360, much smoother and I appericiate the chat functions.  To me:


                                            360= software better, GUI better, online better

                                            PS3= hardware better, exclusives better (Final Fantasy, MLB: The Show, Uncharted) for me anyways


                                            But anywho, you still will get lag on 360(BO2), there isnt much difference in that.  It does play a little better, but not enough to buy a whole new systems, unless u have money to spare.

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                                              xbox is better than ps3 but more of a rip off price wise, if you have the coin to spend get a flashy gaming PC which is what I'll be doing when the next gen consoles roll out

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                                                  You can get a PC, BUT remember that you will have to spend the equivelent of another console around every TWO years to keep it updated to keep playing recent games. Think about it, a high quality gaming PC with a good size monitor (24-32 inches) will set you back around $2,500. Factor in another $300-$500 every 2 years for another 7 years (average lifespan of consoles) and you are at $4,900.

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                                                      you can easily more than half that price by building your own and most TV's these days are hi-def digital and capable enough for any PC and if you factor in paying for xbox live per year? Might as well get a PC, gives you total control over the device too, no more annoying adverts, limitations etc

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                                                          UH, $50 per year for XBOX Live, or $99 for a family membership of FOUR. Also the PC system is a modders heaven and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Look at youtube at all the hacks for BO2 on PC. Please explain how going and getting a $250 system and paying $50 per year for an UNLIMITED amount of online games is worse that paying $2,000+ for something you have to upgrade and have to pay SINGLE GAME SUBSCRITIONS, where some are $15 a MONTH by themselves.

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                                                              I admit I've been out of the PC gaming world since star trek elite force 2 (I could never get the hang of the keyboard and mouse controls...I learned gaming playing cartridge parsec on a ti-994a texas instruments home computer and even that had a joystick but the xbox pad can be used with most PC games so I'm good) but I'd still far prefer the freedom and control of any devices in my home and the ability to run my own gaming servers...Modders? A price I'm willing to pay. I'm not aware of any major PC gamers that pay for a game subscription to play..other than WOW.

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                                                        w8 for next gen and then buy new xbox, for now just play what you have and don't waste money

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                                                          I wouldn't buy it for Black ops 2. Waste of money with this laggy game.

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                                                            I've got both systems, and am trying to decide if I want to shell out more $ to buy a copy for my XBOX. This thread has been very helpful, but I'm still not sure if I should bother

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                                                                Hi NHAngler,


                                                                For what it is worth, it might be worth delaying any decision until the next patch is released - it may resolve many of the issues I have mentioned earlier (as lag is still an issue in XBox).  FYI - the in-game chat audio quality is much better in the game (on XBox - it is clear).  For me, this has created a more immersive, and enjoyable, experience.  Oh, the graphics are also crisper, and less rough, on the XBox - strange considering the PS3 has the superior hardware.


                                                                I hope that ths helps towards your decision making process easier.


                                                                Best wishes,



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                                                                With the scheduled release of a new console this year I would forgo any purchase if you have means to play already.

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                                                                  ive played it on both... speaking strictly game play, it was exactly the same for me.

                                                                  looks, id give to the xbox


                                                                  i absolutely hate ps3 controllers so the nudge goes to xbox but i will add that i wouldnt buy an xbox for one single game

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                                                                    It would be interesting to see how everyone's experience on their console has been during the "Double XP" weekend.

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                                                                      I own both, and my advice would be buy it on Xbox. Hands down a better experience.

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                                                                        its hard to justify buying any console for one game, unless that game is grand theft auto

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                                                                          I own both and play in both. I offer the following comparo and recommendation. I am based in NSW Australia so some answers will be region dependent.


                                                                          1. matchmaking - better host selection on Xbox due to larger number of quality hosts aavailable.


                                                                          2. lag - slightly better on Xbox due to item 1.


                                                                          3. Competition - slighly tougher on Xbox


                                                                          4. Reliability - fewer Xbox issues and support has been able to solve these faster


                                                                          5. Get DLC faster


                                                                          6. Recommendation - Xbox depending on you region and provided you don't mind owning a 360 and a 720 in 12 months time.

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                                                                            Thanks To the makers of this tripe for making this a double points this weekend !

                                                                                 Really unhappy now !  I can not get a good game at the best of times, now I have to compete with the influx of users making this impossible to play ! Lag and extremely poor hit detection make this a nightmare !

                                                                            I guess I will have to stay off line untill the week end is over ! Why did I buy this game, the X-box, Gold membership, big pond Internet and the elite membership if I can not play it ? I am temped to send back the game and the elite membership for a demanded refund !