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    LOL what a match!

      Groundwar Domination on Yemen. It was me solo with bunch of randoms vs a party of 5 and 4 randoms. The match started and i checked the Scoreboard at the beginning and i was happy to be Host, i thought the match will be amazing, i was so wrong LOL.


      Everything was ok till the enemies team spammed us with Hellfire Missiles, and the first enemy Stealth Chopper appeared, i switched to my Anti Air class to shoot it down, then 30 seconds later the next enemy Stealth Chopper appeared, i shoot it down again, i opened the Scoreboard to see what is going on and all my random team mates were all negative and were not able to capture a flag.


      At this point i knew i can't win the match and the only thing i could do is to push harder, then enemy has his first VSAT online and half of my random teams left the game so it was 9 vs 5, then the next enemies VSAT came online. I thought "omg whats next" and then the enemy called in his Swarm and all my random team mates did left my team and it was me alone vs 9 for the rest of the match. I thought "this can't be real", seriously me alone vs 9 others in Groundwar LOL. So i switched to my super stealh class with Blindeye, Ghost and tried to stay alive till the match was over, i don't know how but i still managed to go positive with 2 kills difference, 6 captures and 8 defends.


      Most crazy match i ever had LOL.

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          Love this story........never give up NEVER SURRENDER! Well done Fix, well done!

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            Cool story bro.


            Video or it didn't happen.





            Good job for staying in the game and not forfeiting. Very few people will stay in a game like that against overwhelming odds.

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                The connection was perfect, i was Host. When i leave a match then its mostly because of the connection is bad but that wasn't the case.


                I wish the game had Sam Turrets, it would make it so much easier. LOL


                I really don't understand why people leave as soon the enemy calls in his Swarm, Swarm is not that good as Lodestar in my opinion, Swarm can easily be countered by using Blindeye.

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                Good going, I've been there many times myself unfortunately. It's even more irritating when half your team of randoms quit/dashboard even when your WINNING against a parties of wannabe MLG players.I just don't understand why people that play solo expect great stats.

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                    Yes, i don't understand it either. Stats don't say much anyway. I play for fun and i am good at holding my own, i know i could have much better stats when playing with a clan. I kinda like the challenge when its a fair playfield, i mean the connection was good because i was Host.


                    I think many of us hardcore Call of Duty fans were in such position where it was you vs the whole other team.

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                    Good on you for staying in.


                    It does suck when you're left to take on an entire team when the rest of your team cowardly leave the game to protect their stats and not try to put up a fight.


                    It's this reason why I try party up more. I don't trust playing with randoms especially in objective matches.