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        Looks like someones feelings got hurt. Why report an emblem anyway? Just because it offends you? What logic is that? Im very open minded and dont really see the need to report any emblems. It borders on freedom of speech, no matter how crude the image. So what if some kid has and image of a pecker on his emblem, or Swastika, or kkk or whatever. Anytime i see something like this, i chuckle and move on. Thats his business, not mine. It dosent disrupt gameplay. Its merely an image. If violent or crude images disturbe you, maybe you shouldnt be playing this game at all. Were you offended when you learned about the kkk or the swastika in school? Did you demand that the teacher be banned for showing such a horrible image to you? It seems that no one can do anything nowadays without having thier feelings hurt. Toughen up Buttercup. Its just a game anyways and no matter how many emblems you report, it does no good since they can make up a new account and be right back at it after being banned. If this is such a problem, maybe treyarch should have left the emblem creator out. But they didnt, because its not a problem. Only a problem to maybe a handful of people when compared to the entire COD community.

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          I've said it before and I'll say it again. Depiction of the Swastika symbol is illegal in at least Germany and Austria and the penalties for displaying it are somewhat severe.


          Rules are there for a reason, just as they are on this forum and I'm pretty sure plenty of people of African and Caribbean descent are not too happy when they see racist emblems. But hey, maybe they should just follow your advice and toughen up.

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            Even worse is I'm sure some adults do them as well.

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              Maybe I'm desensitized, but I've never seen an emblem that offends me.


              You could have airplanes with swastikas flying into twin towers made of penises, growing out of the head of a black guy with chicken made of watermelon and I wouldnt report it.


              I dont make these types of emblems, but it's not my place to tell others what to think.

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                Would you say the same if you saw an emblem depicting the destruction of the WTC?

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                  No, Im really not offend. As far as WTC goes, Thats just a part of our sad history. Im not the least bit concerned about any emblem depicting anything. When does all this just boil down to a bunch of stupid sh!t? Whos to say that somewhere out there, that there is a person offened by the number 5? or the letter A? Would treyarch take into consideration that persons feelings and ban the people that display what he thinks is offensive to him? I think not. Nobody is going to "learn a lesson" after being banned. They are going to continue to do what they want to. Telling somebody not to do something only gives them more incintive to do it. The more everyone can just ignore such emblems that they find offesive, the less they will happen. Saying "you cant do that" only adds fuel to the fire.

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                    I agree that very few emblems offend me, however the fact that it can be very offensive to other ppl offends me. Ppl today, not just kids, need to learn about this thing called consequences. Regardless of how you feel about it, they are breaking the rules, and that needs to be drilled if not beaten into the heads of the "instant gratification" generation. I report every one I see if I think it will offend anyone, and doing it in the face of coc, deserves punishment. Rules are rules, and blatantly ignoring or breaking them and getting punished is the way of the world. Learning this on a video game is far better than finding it out in the real world.

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                      The thing that most people dont get about the penis emblems is its not that they are into that thing, or are homosexual. Its more of "haha made you look, YOU are the homosexual".Just like in the movie "Waiting". Just thought Id clear that up.

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                        I have a great idea! Do not look at them. Imagine that, then it cannot offend you, and you will not have to waste time reporting.


                        Personally I don't see the point in them at all.  I have never created one on any of the games, and I never will.  I also do not look at them unless someone tells me to check one out because of the creativity.  It has no impact on the game at all, and there is no point to get worked up over something you have to go out of your way to look at.