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    killer calling cards

      Me and my clan are in a debate about the calling cards for your killer assignments. When it comes to the merciles, ruthless, relentless, brutal, and nuclear killer cards, does that mean only weapon kills or does it include scorestreaks also?

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          Only kills from your weapons. Scorestreaks don't count as full kills.

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            mainly guns, but i get bloodthirstys from claymores and hunter killers, so i'm not so sure...?

            do they just count towards bloodthirstys and not merciless etc..?

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              Take a look at this. It should explain. This is a nuclear gameplay. A lot of killstreaks are used, but I am sure it's 30 gun kills only.



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                I am an average player.....so when i get more than 5 or 6 kills in a row with just my weapon...i feel like i did something.......but on occassion i get on the real good side of the lag........and have went 20 or 30 kills or higher without dying .....but these numbers include scorestreak kills....... and never gave me the medal or calling card


                But i did notice the other day i was trying to get blood thirsty medals for my weapon.....I died then called in a stealth chopper i had gotten in a CP just before i died


                The stealth chopper took out 4 emeny players at one time..... i then shot the 5th player before the stealth chopper killed anyone else...... i was awarded the blood thirsty medal........and it counted this bloodthirsty  toward my camo unlock challenge


                So there maybe be a glitch in the programming if the kill that awards that medal is gotten by the weapon not the scorestreak.....it ends up counting toward the challenges

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                    As far as i know its full 100 point kills that count, you normally get these for weapon only and you normally get 25 points for killstreak kills, so maybe 4 killstreak kills counts as one full weapon kill and goes towards your streak medal because i have picked up a few medals where i know i did'nt get all the kills with just my gun

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                        I don't know about that, but in some occasions my AGR or Lightning Strike blows up a car or a red barrel which ends up killing an enemy or 2, and those kills seems to count and you also get the normal points instead of the points you would get from scorestreak kills.