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    freezing again

      Anyone else haveing trouble with freezing more often the last two days?

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          in gameplay or lobbys No .....emblem editing ....sometimes ..........exiting the Theatre .....90% of the time i freeze or lockup

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            I play a couple of hours most nights, and i would say i have had at least 1 freeze every night...the sound problem has occurred for a while though.  Is it me, or does the game always freeze when you have a great connection to the host?  It seems when i have the best game of the evening it freezes up at me right at the end, before you get your XP!!! Frustraaaaaaaaating!

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              Im on roughly one freeze a night. It makes my ps3 do the unsafe shutdown thing, im gettin worried about what damage this is doing. it happened 2 games in row last night, reset and went thru the whole unsafe rebuild thing, only to have to reset again on the next game i tried. If bo2 kills ps3s i'll not be impressed