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    new idea for uav

      better idea for uav.

      when have reach points for uav.

      give only the player that reach the uav the radar,yust as in free for all.

      when all wil see rader we have the orbital uav

      this make the game a lot more fun

      is it a good ideaa or not a good ideaa?

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          I wouldn't mind if they just get rid of the UAV.  Thus causing Ghost to be removed also.  The way to have people show up on the map is if someone is seen.  If you look down a hallway and spot 2 enemies they show up on your minimap for the whole time you have eyes on them but when you break eye contact a "?" appears where you last saw them. 

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            would be nothing funnier than seeing 6 uav's and 6 CUAV's in the air at once. it would be like a UAV swarm

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              the uav is fine the way it is, its already had the points to get it put up by a 100 points if you have a problem with it shoot it down or use ghost

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                I've been saying for years they should have a "Personal UAV" as a low killstreak, and then a team UAV or the VSAT as a higher one. I think it would balance out the gameplay much better and Ghost wouldn't be used as much because 1 person seeing you on a mini-map vs 6 is a very big difference. I doubt this will ever be implemented though.

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                  i think this would of been a good idea if it was still 3 kills, but since you have to kill 5 people on Team Death Match i think its about right now,


                  ive always said the 3 kill/score uav should be a personal one and maybe bang a team uav in like 6/7 kills and then the blackbird/vsat at around 12

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                    How about we leave the UAV alone you learn to counter it propely. You have a wide variety of ways to counter it includong: CUAV, Emp Grenade, EMP scorestreak, Rocket Launchers, Ghost, Black Hat, LMG can take one out pretty quick, Hunter killer drone will take it out as well. Many options for you to choose from to counter it. UAV is fine the way it is and the points need not increase to obtain it either. In blops one it was a 3 kill streak, 2 with hardline. Now its a 5 kill minimum in TDM.

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                        Sas-quatch84 wrote:


                        Now its a 5 kill minimum in TDM.


                        Yep.  Kinda annoyed me that did initially since I was after spamming UAV/CUAV/VSAT for the assist points but at least it saved me from bothering with Ghost.  The UAVs are much easier to shoot down in this game than previous ones - UAVs fly lower and there are no maps with overcast (e.g. Downturn) or set at night time (e.g. Hanoi).

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                          EMP grenade cant reach the uav to take it down but the others you mentioned work well. People are just too lazy to pull out a rocket laucher and fire 1 shot. lol

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                          FFA is a sole person oriented game.

                          The others are team oriented, so you're basically asking to bring in a solo element to a team oriented game. 


                          Also, you do this and you can get rid of the +10 xp points you get for teamates getting kills, etc. while your UAV is up.  Then...people will start ******** about xp missing....<<<I'm surprised noone has mentioned this yet.


                          I get 4 minimum a game and I quite like the idea of helping my team out...as well as...getting +10xp for each of their kills.

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                            UAV now fine as is.....

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                              If they ever made the UAVs strictly personal, I would demand they be brought back down to 3 kills