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    HC/Core Dedicated Player LF Competitive Clan [Xbox]

      Name: Chris


      Age: 20


      Location: AZ


      Gtag: Titaniumgoose


      CoD Experience:

      - #1 Team (Tru Gaming) in Team Warefare League Cod4 SnD

      - Pro level PC Cod4/WaW/Mw2 player

      - Xbox GB experience BO1/Mw3

      - PC (7 yrs.) transitioning to Xbox (3 yrs.)


      Gaming Specs:

      - 42in and 22in

      - Xbox Slim w/250g HD

      - Wired Pro Scuf Controller

      - Tbeach px5


      Game Types:

      - Best at SnD

      - Then all other objective/TDM

      - Play HC/Core either works



      Hit me up with a FR or Msg for a tryout or to ask any more questions. I'm a very fun, easy goin dude, and I fuckin love to win. Thanks for your interest