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    They need to increase the score in TDM


      I've posted on this before & since there's a "Big patch" coming up I'm hoping 3A includes this. Connection is obviously #1, but it doesn't sound like they're going to do much in regards to that, just more irrelevant Buffs/nerfs...but that's a whole other discussion.


      At the moment TDM plays like bare bones. I've never seen a high score streak called in once (warthog or above) unless it's been care packaged. Trey Arch tried to kill TDM b/c it's not an MLG certified play list, but it's still the most played game mode with 5x as many players. TMD plays so slow right now because most players are camping/head glitching/target finding to try and get score streaks that they aren't going to get.


      They should increase the score for kills to 125 and increase the score awarded for kill streak kills to 50 pts/kill for the lightning strike/hellstorm missle. This will make getting streaks more consistent and will increase the pace of the games.


      • stealth chopper is 11 kills and it gets shot down instantly. (used to be 7)
      • Lightning strike is 7-8 kills & awards players 25 Pts/kill (if you get a quad you get 100pts which is equal to 1 kill which is pretty ridiculous)
      • VSAT was  8 kills in BO1 now its 12 in a game that's arguably way harder to stay alive in because the maps are so small.


      The objective of TDM is to kill the other team and players who can do that should be rewarded. I don't want a score streak dominated game, but at the moment it's all frustration with no reward. Its not even like games are evenly matched with less score streaks because teams are still getting blown out.