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    How Would You Like To Join The BSO MW3 Clan

      how would you like to join the BSO MW3 Clan we have 100 members and always welcome more people we are the best of the best clans out there today so if you want to join there is just 2 rules to follow 1 you must be over the age of 16 2. never sporn kill and thats it. to join just message me on xbox live my gamertag is pescador2010ok thanks again and hope to see you out on the battle field hapy gaming to all .

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          Re: How Would You Like To Join The BSO MW3 Clan

          'Never sporn kill' lol @ the bad spelling and at the ridiculous rule! How do you enforce this rule? Do you watch back every match that your 100+ players plays, and then remove them from the clan if they spawn kill? Everyone spawn kills all the time, what difference does it make if they spawned 1 second before you killed them or 20 seconds before you killed them?

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