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        40. Re: HOW do you get so good at AIMING?

        The more you play the better you will get at aiming...


        But why aim? I seem to die all the time from people who wildly hipspray. Your best bet is to hold down the trigger and spray circles around your enemies until they die. Works really well in this game.

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          41. Re: HOW do you get so good at AIMING?

          I like this idea/post. Makes sense.


          In MW3 I got really accurate with sniper rifles ... but I've always felt it was because I took my time with shots. In doint that, I found I usually had the time to go for headshots. So with sniper rifles I had on average I'd say 20% headshots on the low side - double my headshots for other weapons. And my kdr for sniper rifles was ridiculous high compared to other guns in MW3 as well as other CODs.


          And I've been thinking it was simply because I was taking my time with those shots all that time.


          After reading the above post, I'm second guessing why I got so good with sniper rifle headshots.


          Other than that, I've always done something very similar to what Invalid talks about doing ... getting the crosshairs low center of mass. My thinking behind this has always been that if I am center of mass, at least one bullet will be on target ... causing flinch in the other player and disrupting his aim ... allowing me to stay center of mass as the gun "climbs" due to kick.


          But I like what he suggested. And since I've been playing MW3 the last few days instead of BO2 (three guesses as to why), his idea gives me a reason to insert BO2 again.


          Yeah. I am definitely going to try doing this in private Combat Training. I think it'll work.


          As a side not, generally my accuracy overall has been around the 17% to 19% range. Having looked at more Elite stats on players than I care to think admit ... there is one thing that is never talked about in these forums that is universally true ...


          the higher your accuracy, the higher your kdr. I know. Common sense. But why do we never talk about it?


          In any case, not only are the two strongly related, (admittedly I have not done the actual stat math), but I'm pretty sure kdr is exponentially increased by accuracy (ex: 1% increase in accuracy worth 0.25 kdr; 2% increase in accuracy worth 0.60 increase in kdr ... NOT those numbers, but hopefully people get the idea).

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            42. Re: HOW do you get so good at AIMING?

            Most people think they can aim, but COD has huge aim assist on console. If it isn't helping you, then it's screwing you over because of lag. There really isn't a way to get more accurate because the aim is so easy that all that really matters is lag. And OMG these people who think they have skill are so anoying!

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              43. Re: HOW do you get so good at AIMING?

              Pulling down slightly on your aiming stick will help with the flying upwards effect and also run Toughness.  Toughness doesn't change your gun recoil but it greatly reduces your flinch when getting shot.  Flinching will cost you a lot of gunfights.  My only other suggestion would be to learn your gun of choice's recoil pattern.  If it's straight up then aim for the mid to upper chest area.  Believe it or not you can get a lot of headshots doing this.  If it's up and to the right, aim mid chest and slightly left.  The trick is to factor in whatever recoil pattern the gun has and just adjust your initial position for it so that your first several shots will land on the body.  For guns with bad recoil burst fire them for those range shots.  Also, the silencer helps in that it reduces muzzle flash which makes seeing that your gun is going off course easier but for some classes it comes at the cost of needing to land one more bullet.

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                44. Re: HOW do you get so good at AIMING?

                I find when using a silencer you don't notice the recoil as much, that being said it lower's the damage. So he would have to try and get more bullets on target.

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                  45. Re: HOW do you get so good at AIMING?

                  Try using burst fire guns or single shot guns untill you get the hang of the recoil. When your ready use select fire attachment and see if that helps you ?

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                    46. Re: HOW do you get so good at AIMING?

                    Just turn aim assist on, sounds like you have it turned off.


                    I think aim assist is that powerful that

                    Joypad + Aim Assist > Mouse

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                      47. Re: HOW do you get so good at AIMING?

                      Scorr wrote:


                      Joypad + Aim Assist > Mouse

                      I'm not sure about that. I see mouse players on PC hipfire from so much further away than on console and not miss a shot.

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                        48. Re: HOW do you get so good at AIMING?

                        Haha, why post such a wierd statement?


                        Hipefire shots land pretty variably within the aiming reticule, it's the same on both systems... Just because they play on a PC doesn't mean all their shot's will go in the middle?


                        Very odd.

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                          49. Re: HOW do you get so good at AIMING?

                          No, I litterally see them hipfire in the killcam from much further away and get nothing but hitmarkers. I'm not just making this up. Console players miss half their shots when they hipfire, PC players don't.


                          It might be lag related since PC has dedicated servers.

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