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    Damn, this game sucks....

      I played one round....and was like...you know....nahhhh....I went like 12-11


      is that what they mean by balance?


      You will more than likely go even on your kills and deaths? because thats what it feels like.

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          Re: Damn, this game sucks....

          If you don't like it go play something else. Don't keep playing and complaining about it.

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              Re: Damn, this game sucks....

              Yea...Im taking this back to blockbuster....


              Gonna rent Dishonered again....I never get to finish that damn game lol....


              Let me know how much of a rip off the Map Pack is gonna be....


              I'm just gonna put out this guess if you will, on how its gonna play....


              The Big maps are gonna be camper and booster heaven, and the small skate board map is gonna be lag comp heaven....


              Yea, Bringing the popcorn here after day 2 of that release.

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              Re: Damn, this game sucks....

              What was the point of this post?


              You don't feel like a game should be a challenge? You feel like it should be handed to you on a silver platter? You feel like everyone deserves a trophy just for participating?


              So sad. If you aren't enjoying it, fine. That is understandable, go do something else. But your complaints have no merit whatsoever. Without offering solutions, you are just crying in your beer.

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                Re: Damn, this game sucks....

                So who really cares about Newman and his love affair with Blockbuster ?


                I sure dont.


                Some of us in this world make enough money to BUY video games at full price and keep them. Doesnt leave a dent in my wallet when I spend 60 dollars on a game. Its chump change.If the game sucks I still keep it anyway until the next time I want a game that comes out and I dont want to wait for shipping. About once every two years


                And if the game sucks the only remorse I have is equivalent to losing a Kleenex from my pocket.


                Some people just dont get much attention from their significant other (if they have one) so they have to spend time putting out hatred onto a forum that nobody really cares about just to get the attention they so desperately need. People like that in forums like this soon disappear when they realize they arent getting any attention from others.

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                  Re: Damn, this game sucks....

                  Try playing in the morning when the kids are up. The skilled gamers plays at night and the competition is a lot more intense. You always have to put on your tryhard setup and bring on your A+ game or you'll get owned or just break even.

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                    Re: Damn, this game sucks....

                    You played one round and decided the game sucked? It sounds to me like you are just too impatient to put in the work to be good at the game.

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