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    I take it all back

      I haven't had a win OR a positive KD in over 30 games, that's more than 'having a bad day'. I say more than 30 because I could only be bothered to scroll back in the theatre through 30. It's more like 100. Not only that but I'm getting put in lobbies with quickscoping clans that I've already avoided for unsporting conduct. People whos names involve too many x's, z's or think that 'haze' is the cool word to show your 1337n355 or whatever...Frustrated. :/


      Edit: *deep breath* so is there something wrong with the servers or whatever? I had a look and it said everything is fine but it's clearly not. Meh I'm off to play something else

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          Am I reading this right? You're losing to quickscopers in 30+ games? You need to change your gameplay if you can't beat them. Switch it up a bit, dude. Maybe the problem is your gameplay.

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              lol, nope they weren't in every match but there was a couple of guys I avoided a few days ago that turned up in the match I was in so I just left and played a different game and they turned up in that one too, this happened a few times...running around with thier diamond snipers blinging me to death.

              I mean the game in general all day, no matter what class I use I'm going negative & we're losing every match

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                  I'm exagerating a little bit, but the odds of seeing the same person twice in this game are basically astronomical.

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                      This might be the case early on. Once you are considered by the skillbased section of the matchmaking to have you against at least 1 - 50,000 rank or lower player in every match(I've had 9 players in a lobby of all 3-5 digits before...which is also strange as my overalls are usually around jsut slightly above 100k(lower ones upward to 300k)...even though my usual weekly ranges less into the 10k to 50k)...you start seeing the same people OVER and OVER again. I've one time left and joined lobbies and ended up seeing one group around 6 times throughout the day.


                      You even hear the players saying hi to players they played with before.


                      I can't imagine what it would like making it 3digits, and actually being legit. It would be like TV reruns all day every day.


                      Skillbased matchmaking is huge in BLOPs 2

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                  I met a QS in HC the other day.  2.5 K/D with the Ballista.  2.3 overall.  20k kills with the Ballista.  He is a beast and owned the enemy team in SND 5 games in a row with 360 and quickscope killcams.

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                    Thats brutal, the skill based matchmaking must be hating you or is it lag? I feel your pain, on some days i struggle to go even and i know its not my fault, i shoot first and die instantly. No chance of winning gunfights.

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                        yep, it's the lag thing. A couple of games I quit and expected to see the migrating host sign because general lag had never bothered me before but nope, just general, run of the mill, everyday lag that makes you want to claw out your own brain through your nose in frustration

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                        I wouldn't take what the theatre tell you I had a amazing game last nite and pulled off some great sniper kills and I wanted to check it out but when I went into the theatre it said I had lost the match which we didn't so I checked the rest of the games from that nite and everyone says that I had lost

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                          You lost against quickscopers?






                          But seriously, is your controller broken or something?

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                              it just felt like all day yesterday I was half a second behind everyone else & I've never had much of a problem before unless I was host.


                              No point in raging about it. It's not like treyarch are going to see my post with loads of exclamation marks and be all like 'oh no - man down, man down greatsirkain got shot a lot yesterday, we'll get right on this!' & lag/host/lag-comp or whatever the problem is was a MASSIVE issue in MW3 when it first came out but that got sorted...Eventually.


                              No point making empty threats like ooo I'm not buying your DLC now! Because truth is I was never going to buy it at that price in any case & I was never going to drop 4k msp for any sort of season pass, they can keep nuketown, I'll go play blops if I miss it. I'll probably get one or two map packs when they come down in price or I have pleanty of extra cash on hand.


                              No point reading that guys twitters, all he does is tell people to get ready for x2 xp weekend & to buy the season pass for all the DLC. None of the actual issues are being addressed.


                              I'll try again today and see if it's any better if not, in the bottom drawer it goes with MW3 (which is staying there as punishment for lag correction). Treyarch has brought me many hours of entertainment and they get a free pass, until it's fixed, in my book for Tony Hawks pro-skater for the dreamcast alone.

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                              Chicom, laser sight, long barrel, FMJ, full mag, point blank - not one round hit - follow up with a knife to the back of the head, because all the bullets were too subtle a clue that I was there - blade goes through him....He turns around and shoots me in the face with a shotgun


                              I don't understand how you take a laggy game then apply an update, that supposedly has nothing to do with correcting any problems, but make the problems SO bad it becomes unplayable. A few days before the launch of the DLC.


                              *went to google some stuff and do a bit of reading*


                              Seems like a massive quagmire between infinity ward/actvision/treyarch/electronic arts & sledgehammer games, going back about 3 years, in which most of them are the bad guys - but it's the gamer that suffers. As usual it's big business crapping on the little guy. From what I read on numerous sites treyarch and sledgehammer appear to be the only innocent parties.


                              Lengthy page here giving the details of what went on in the making of the cod series if anybody's interested in the back story:

                              http://kotaku.com/5513694/the-modern-warfare-fight-your-guide-to-activision-vs-i nfinity-ward

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                                  Thanks for the ref, was across this stuff, but this is a v good summary....props.


                                  Really sorry to read about your troubles......bit glitchy this end too last few days.....I hope things get better for you...cheers gallp.