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        I use the grip and can tell you it makes a difference.


        MTAR for example. Took it off and the gun wavered like crazy at range. Put it back on and the shots were dead on at same range.


        It works, I don't need a YouTuber to tell me.

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          simple solution that i missed in BO.


          i played with autoaim off, and did worse becasue of it, was doing well without later on, then i relized it was off, turned it on, raped everyone.


          try the simple stuff like that first.

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            I used it on my MTAR too, I also use it on my M27 overkill I know but I like a laser beam with low damage weapons+It looks better.

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              I was gonna mention the Drift0r video but looks like someone got to it before me. I think Vahn is wrong here, even if it does effect view kick the fact that drift0r is having to use a high end PC with well above 60fps to detect it, essentially means any actual effect it does have is negligible.


              As far as I'm concerned I've stopped using it. I'm sure that many people will cry foul and swear it helps them. I have no doubt they believe this, the placebo effect is stronger then most people realize.


              Don't get me wrong, this isn't a post attacking Vahn, despite the hate he gets I actually think he does an awesome job for Treyarch and I have a lot of respect for the dude. I simply disagree with him on this particular issue.

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                Or you could just turn on headshots only instead of take 30 deaths until you get good at it. It helps alot when going for headshot challenges.

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                  I just did the test before I seen your post. If anything it was better without the grip. Wish I would have seen this post would have saved me 15 mins of gaming time

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                    It worked for me in MW3 with the light machine gun.

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                      I find that burst firing works best. Don't just hold that trigger down.

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                        With experience you learn to control the recoil a lot better, COD really is a game that seems to be whoever plays more tends to be a lot better. Also you may have input lag on your tv which can severely hinder your ability to aim. I played on a TV with 50-100ms input lag and I had terrible aim for a year then I got a monitor and suddenly my aim was dead on following people with little conscious effort.

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                          Hmm.... my best stat in MW2 (the one I'm most proud of) was the number of "misses." It was around 1.3 million.


                          That was my first Call of Duty game. I did a heck of a lot of spray and pray. It worked, for what it was, but it really isn't that effective.


                          Combat training will help. Something you might consider with your practice is using the burst fire weapons. It will force you to be more accurate with your first few bursts, without being penalized too much by your misses. Once you get familiar with these types of weapons, you could stretch your skills to using Semi-auto firearms (FAL, SMR, etc.). Your first few shots are the absolute most important. All of this will take a lot of time and practice. You may want to dip into Hardcore a bit. It is a little more forgiving since a bullet or two is enough to kill. I know that in core it will take several solid hits to get a kill.


                          Just ideas though. I don't know how you play, strengths, weaknesses, or anything like that. You'll have to figure out what works best for you.


                          Unless you love the spray and pray. I still do sometimes