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    How does the reporting system actually work?

      Do the staff members that handle the ban have the ability to go review (ie; Theater it) the match you both played? Hope so, because I think I got reported.

      Dunno what's up with my tv/console as at times I can hardly hear anybody, but I think they may of mistaken me as the booster.


      Basically, playing Slums. Didn't notice any boosting 'till near the end. Two guys (tried, failed miserably) to boost, the one doing the killing kept killing a teammate and got booted (this was HC), that was right around the time I saw a guy on the minimap hiding in our spawn (UAV was up..). So, I walked around the circle thing, shot him and noticed he had a tac insert going. Went to shoot him again, missed, and noticed he wasn't shooting back. Killed his tac insert, threw a betty and got a 3 kill feed with it (I killed myself with it so technically 2 ).


      Anywho, hope I was mistaken on who they were talking about or they can positively identify the boosters. Just finished getting my MTar gold and would really, really hate to get it gold again. I always hear the "if you didn't do anything, you have nothing to worry about" but have known people get reset. Maybe it was just IW's methods that were trashy since it was MW3.

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