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    NERF Reflex Sights! LMAO!


      I'm JOKING guys! Don't kill me!


      But seriously, I'm tired of these "Anything that kills me or counters my custom class is OP, so nerf it" threads.


      EMP nades?! Seriously. And I'm no "super-elite snob" player, my KD sucks. I just PTFO and always have a good time, win, lose, or draw.


      So, what's the next "absolutely ridiculous" OP thread???


      Reflex sights - OP

      Fore Grip - OP

      Trophy System - OP

      Sensor nades - OP

      Throwing knife - OP

      UAV - "still" OP

      RCXD - OP

      Adjustable Stock - OP

      MMS - OP

      Black Hat - OP

      Tac Insert - OP

      Look sensitivity - OP

      Look inversion - OP

      Color Blind assist - OP

      Button Layout - OP


      If I missed something, let me know.


      Happy Gaming!

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          Everything that does something to kill me or mess up my game that results in my death - OP


          ...which includes pretty much EVERYTHING!



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            Chuck Norris-OP



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              i hate nerf this nerf that crybabies. everything is nerfed in this game from previous cod's

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                Not a lot of things are actually op in this game, even target finders aren't that strong. They just help people who aren't used to immediately seeing where players are / knowing where to look. Any experienced COD players thinks ahead when going around a corner at where players could be and is ready to scan those areas straight away.

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                  It wouldn't matter if everything was "perfectly balanced" in every way. People will find something to complain about.

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                    Two years ago on BO 1 I made a thread that color blindness is overpowered (still is)

                    Cause the greens on all these maps (why are all the maps ******* GREEN!) look black to me and these guys stand out like dayglow fireflies on my killstreaks.

                    Color Blindness - OP

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                      Emblem Maker is way OP'd. I'm so tired of getting owned by people with way more creative talent than me.

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                        They really need to nerf the lag..Its way overpowered. That and nerf the camping. Besides that, everything else is pretty balanced...LOL!!!!



                        I really dont get the theory that one gun is suppost to be stronger than the other. Assualts for long range, subs are for close quarters and really light machines are for support, but one factor still remains, a gun is a gun. You think soldiers are out there complaining cause they got shot by a side arm? " Awww man, he shot me with a pistol and i'm dying, his gun is overpowered" - last words of Sgt.Crybaby


                        Fix the lag first, then fix everything else....

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                          Only problem being that EMP nades truly are too powerful.  Those and the Lightning Strike (still) are the two things which most need adjustment in this game.


                          Well, that and the Executioner needs to be made a little less worthless.

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                            well it seems there are several guns and attachments and eqiupment that repeatidly come under fire from people as claimed for being "OP" however nothing is done to address these claims at all. The only thing we were given was a promise that the dev's have statistics which let them know how each weapon is doing.


                            I will agree that some things are not overpowered, which is why no one is making the argument about reflex sight. (nice red herring!) This is an example of a pretty balanced attachment. Compare it with TF and you see the absurdity.


                            I don't think people come here to only claim that those things which kill them are overpowered. I have made several claims about weapon systems and attachments which I used were ridiculously easy to get kills compared with previous systems, to the point where I admit they are overpowered.


                            I think the main problem is that many people don't want to admit that the gun or system they've been using is cheap, and they are in denial of the fact and will debate and oppose anyone who says otherwise.  They have this "you can't beat me join me" mentality, which will result in everyone running around with the gun/attachment/equipment that is overpowered. This is why there is a trend of people using only SMGs.  This is why I see more diamond SMGs than anything else.  This is why more high point scorestreaks are acheived by SMG users than anything else. Probaly, because the gun is overpowered. It's not just a claim made by people who are hurt that it kills them.


                            I'm of the opinion that if you DON'T think a system/attachment/equipment is overpowered that you use on a regular basis, and you argue this to the death on the forums, try switching to something else. Switch to using an AR or LMG or sniper rifles and see if you are still getting the same K/D or same high scorestreaks.  If you don't perform as well, and you wind up switching back then chances are you would rather use an OP weapon, and are just in denial.


                            I will agree with the EMP grenade thing, I think the affect just lasts too long, and it should be tuned to the duration of a concussion or a flash grenade. This would balance it out with the other two, and make it less overpowered.  See?  This is called balance...it's not just cause I was killed with it, it's just because I have a sense of reason. =)

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                                From the beginning, I've made it my mission in this CoD to try out everything.  I still haven't quite got there (have only used the SVU among snipers & still have a couple pistols I haven't unlocked), but I'm pretty close.  What I've found after getting in some games with every SMG, AR, LMG, and Shotgun in this game is that while some are absolutely easier to pick up at first, if you're willing to fiddle around a bit with your play style & try different perk/attachment combos, every weapon is a very solid choice.


                                The same thing goes for the rest of the items in the game, with a few notable exceptions.  EMP grenades are quite clearly the most powerful tactical devices available, both in terms of their effect on each game and in the amount of points they can earn for you (particularly in modes which are generally lower-scoring, such as TDM).  The Lightning Strike is still a little too powerful for the amount of points required to earn it.  The Assault Shield should probably have a maximum amount of damage it can absorb before it's completely useless.


                                They've already given the LS a small nerf in the delay between calling it in and bombs away, and it might be nerfed further in the future.  I'm sure an adjustment will be made to the EMP grenades now that more people have figured out to use them.  I'm not so certain on the assault shield, as this is a topic which hasn't really come up on these forums and I'm sure advocates of it will point out its relatively high cost in the class setup (primary weapon) and the fact that you can usually manuever around its user to score the kill.  And of course there will be some other relatively minor tweaks to game balance in this & every patch (that's one area where Treyarch has a very strong track record).


                                In the end, I think the "issue" with most of the so-called "OP" weapons is simply that so many people refuse to go past one or two gameplays with something before they decide it's either good or bad.  As a result, you see a disproportionately large number of MP7s, PDWs, MSMCs, and R870s on the battlefield: they are all easy to use and their "ideal" class setups are fairly intuitive.  But with a little more patience, experimentation, and a willingness to adapt to your weapon instead of trying to force the weapon to adapt to you, one can pretty quickly discover that other items are just as good for them overall, if not better.  For example, after putting in the time to earn Mastery on several SMGs & getting at least halfway to gold camo on the rest (so far), I've found that my favorite is actually the Vector; among ARs, my initial "go-to" rifle was the SCAR-H, but after mastering that and moving on to other weapons in its class, I've grown extremely fond of the M27 and SWAT.  The LSAT was initially my favorite LMG, then was quickly replaced by the Mk 48...now that I've earned that mastery badge on the Mk 48, I've moved on to the QBB: I hated it at first, until I realized that I just needed to push in a little closer with it than I had with the higher-damage LMGs.  The QBB is an insanely powerful short- to medium-range weapon.

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                                    Yeah, and a lot of complaints are simply because people are tired of getting killed/messed up by overUSED stuff, not because it's actually overPOWERED.


                                    If people tried out more things, they'd quickly learn that various things are useful in various gametypes and/or maps and/or gameplay style.


                                    Like, obviously, LMGs are NOT run and gun weapons, but quite a number of people that use them, from what I've seen, try to use them like they are, forcing on Perks like Lightweight and/or Extreme Conditioning with Quickdraw as one of the Attachments. Then, when that style doesn't work, quite a number of people say they're "weak", but never try to adjust their playstyle in different ways and just blame the weapon for not working the way they want it to.

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                                        Good day guys,


                                        Harv72 & Gerbera you guys are so damn right,

                                        I am still struggling to find the best kit for my style, it's crazy.

                                        Yesturday night i unlocked the SMR, HO MY GOD it was a nightmare !!

                                        for about 4 - 5 games i was sooo baddd.

                                        I went back to my favorite M27.

                                        Since i'm not a runner right now this gun is perfect, i can't wait to unlock the AN-94 some guys here told me it was a wonderfull gun.


                                        Take care guys

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                                            Yeah, ARs are, of course, in between SMGs and LMGs. You CAN run and gun with them, but because of their slightly greater movement penalty, they're obviously not as good at running and gunning as SMGs. So basically, one simple way to adjust is to take it a little slower and not try to sprint around all the time.


                                            Though, the FAL OSW and SMR are more like lesser sniper rifles than even ARs (at least without Select Fire).


                                            Same with LMGs, but even slower. When I'm moving from one point to another after holding down an area with a LMG, I tend to walk and look around while ADS already and not sprint much, if at all, since I know that if I sprint and come across an enemy, especially right around a corner, I'll end up killed because of having to take that whole second to ADS and then get on target. Since I'm already ADS, I can begin firing immediately as soon as I see movement. (And LMGs have horrible hipfiring accuracy, even with the Laser Sight.)

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                                              The AN-94 I find kind of "meh".  Once you get the feel right for feathering the trigger and/or attach select fire, it's beastly when you're on a solid connection.  But the low rate of fire and relatively high recoil make it difficult to win a lot of "fair" gunfights.


                                              I generally use it when Aftermath comes up.  Of the non-Ground War maps, I think it would be solid enough on Slums and Express as well, maybe Standoff.

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                                        I believe the mute all option is OP

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                                            Good day guys,


                                            I think some of you guys have a OP controllers

                                            and i think you should play without them, this way the Under powered gamers might have a chance to win


                                            Take care guys and have fun.....

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                                              Oh no don't touch my mute button!!!  The other night I was playing DOM and a couple of my randoms where bickering the whole time.  I should have muted them but I was too busy carrying the team to stop.  Well we won the match but I strongly considered asking if I could join the other team (a clan btw) just so that I wouldn't have to put up with being on the team I was on again.  Instead I just backed out of the lobby.  I didn't feel like carrying their butts twice.