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    atleast make it  balanced

      I rather enjoy playing black ops 2, I some days while working cant wait to get home and play, however I have tons of issues all minor with the game, and they normally start off like this:Spawn, shotguns.and lag and knife. So normally as I start killing people its fun, as they respawn behind me and then run behind me and kill me i have sooo many deaths this way could you possible put them near the group of people on the same, team spawns suck, followed by insane lag half the time i host cause people cant afford good internet like me its w/e i dont like putting an entire clip in a person to kill them, just to have them respawn behind me and kill me  and shotguns love putting half a clip in someone then they raise the shotgun and.. dead, Oh cant forget the electric slide knife, from across a room, Thanks for making a competitive game mainsteam and easy for bad players to do good , you sure your not blizzard in disguse. Hell yeah im crying I have to or im gonna kill more stuff in my room lol. the balanced part comes from games like going 20-6 followed by a 8-19 for real what changed oh wait i wanted to do bad this game ... fix this crapola