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        knifing is dumb in general... never understood the point of it being in the game.  Possible exception is when you sneak up behind someone and knife them from behind, but other than that, knives should not be a viable strat in a shooter game.

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          I think the game would not miss the combat knife. Personally I think they/you should be able to take down with a Haymaker instead. Would love to see the animation on that!

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            it wasnt a custom game it was online gungame with random people that were doing the same thing as me

            all my videos are online and all were random kids from those games

            i just barely got 13002 stabs 10mins ago and if you dont believe me oh well

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              I have no issues with the knifing at all. I shouldn't be able to lunge from across the map to knife someone like in the old games. It should be a skilled thing.

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                zombies4lyfe wrote:


                I since changed to Tactical so i could get used to winning more gun fights from dropshotting. I never dropshotted before and that also got patched.... bullets spray in all directons now..


                Err have they nerfed it again?  I was happy that they nerfed the accuracy of drop shotting since it's a bit silly to increase the hip fire spread when I'm walking, running etc but not for dropping to the ground.  They should both suffer accuracy nerfs or neither.

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                  Knifing is near perfect in this game compared to the past games. The only flaw left is that it should have to be equiped first before you can knife otherwise you just hit with the but of the weapon in hand. No press R for knife and you magicaly put your gun away and knife someone.


                  Plus knife should not insta kill unless to the face, neck, or front of chest at which point it should be a stab motion to the heart. No insta kill to the legs, arms, feet, hands.

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                    I agree it should't be a insta kill if I knife somebody in the arm, legs or feet. yet it can take multiple shots to kill somebody in the same area..

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                      I absolutely hated the other CODs knifing....panic lunges from 30 ft. away and getting kills on people when you are stabbing air (invisible lagging hitbox). 



                      Although in this "title" it is more difficult, I LIKE IT alot.  Think about it....if you are in a war and you are running up on someone with a knife...do you think it's going to be as easy as 1 swipe and that person is gone?  No.  I like the fact that you have to dance around and get an actual DIRECT hit on the person to get the kill.  It's actually more realistic and I think thats what the devs were going for.  Kudos to them.  They did good on this one.

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                        I agree with the lunge nerf. The lunge was ridiculous, especially in MW2; i use to be a knifer just because of how over-powered the commando lunge was. You could run through an entire team in seconds without them even knowing you were there.


                        However; Black Ops2 Knifing is complete garbage. They dumbed it down to a point where its completely useless. I recently tried getting my combat knife to gold just for fun....


                        - Coming up behind a person who is standing STILL aiming out of a window, that have no idea your behind them and it takes 3-5 knifes just to connect with the person.


                        - Coming up behind someone running, who has no idea your there. Going to knife them and flying directly infront of them for some reason? and then getting killed.


                        - Trying to use your knife as a back up is pointless, the odd time you get a lucky kill with it, but they nerfed it to the point where if your out of ammo you literally have nothing because 9/10 times your dead because the knife just wont connect.


                        They went to far with the Nerf. The lunge needed to be dimmed down, not completely ruined. Knifing should be able to be a fun way to play just liked they cater to the Quick Scopers.

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                          If people couldn't panic knife in this game, then I really wouldn't care about knifing, but when someone can knife me once from 3 feet away, and yet it takes me anywhere from 1-3 swings on a stationary target, something's wrong. I'm glad I got my knife gold in the first week so I don't have to worry about it. The lunge being gone is fine, but the  hitbox needs to be a little bigger.