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    You cannot answer a simple question concerning campers?




      Honestly, if you all took some time to think about your statements, I'm pretty sure this all could have been avoided. Before I even ask, let me start off by saying that I do intend to be civilized on this post and am not trying to start any arguments, but there are a couple of things that need to be adressed here.


      First off Spaceboss, I find it ironic that you tell me that I didn't need to be an ass to someone if their opinion was different from mine. What compelled you to respond to the thread if all you were doing was adding negativity yourself? I posted my opinion on the matter, so going out of your way to post that I was "crying" was pretty much unnecessary, and only if a more productive post was made from you would that discussion have gone better than it went. No hard feelings, but still could have been avoided.


      Second CrimsonKing4, your post was completely false. I did not once ask why did some people camp. Read it COMPLETELY before you say anything else. Even the topic I placed as the title specifically asked, "What satisfaction do people get out of camping?" I even referenced that in the last sentence of the original post I made. Please, if you find a single question I put on that post that even asked all of you WHY SOME PEOPLE CAMP (even though I didn't ASK THE QUESTION IN THE FIRST PLACE), then I'll be more than glad to apologize to you. Again, I specifically asked what satisfaction you gain from it, not why people do it, so the points that gypsy was not legit because I never once asked why some people camp. What you need to understand is the fact that there is a difference between a reason why someone would do a certain thing and to how it would make them feel good about doing it. Just because I would do one thing does not guarantee I get any satisfaction from doing it, which was why I asked what satisfaction you would gain from camping as opposed to the reasons for doing it. You could have simply comprehended my post instead of making things so difficult, and you accuse me of having a little raging teenager brain even though I was the one who was right and you were the one you was wrong. The last sentence was pretty much unnecessary as well.


      Also Foxhound, explain to me how my comments were biased. I based my original post on two viewpoints of campers. I already said there were some who camps objectives, and some who took it too far. That is exactly what I said. However, you decided that you were going to say I was biased while there were people in that thread that made posts that supported camping, and acted like no one could say anything about it differently. Who are you to tell me that the thread wasn't productive when the true intention of the question being asked was to figure out what was causing other people to ruin the experience for other people? In my opinion, you should turn your attention to those people who only focused on blotting out everything that I said. Just like Holliday said, camping RUINS THE GAME, so I have the right just as anyone else does to post a question to the community regarding something I don't like about the game.


      See this? http://community.callofduty.com/message/413969128#413969128 That is all you had to do. Maybe if some of you focused less on being an ignorant part of the community you would have done like he did and actually answered the question. So I'm going to ask again, and I'm going to put it in bold for you blind people this time. What satisfaction do you gain from camping?


      Will you people stop being difficult to other's threads and just answer this simple question? I don't like that aspect of the game, so I want to know about it and see your point of views on it. Plain and simple.

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          Keep crying it makes me


          To help you understand that's the satisfaction I get it makes me

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            the Satisfaction of camping is your post and many like it


            camping is part of the game and many other games so deal with it, i dont care about campers i let them get on with it.


            Camping will NEVER go away EVER ! !



            btw i have to laugh sometimes as i run into a room and i hear gun fire in the next room so i wait 1 sec for them to run in and i blast them all i hear is ohh dirty camper noob lol 1 sec is now the new camping time slot??? lmao

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              When you get mad at campers for playing cheap, it gives them even more reason to play cheap. Best thing to do is just play like you have some balls and let the little girls play like little girls.

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                how is that a simple question? It's more like an essay.

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                  Oh looky here...another soon to be locked thread once the moderators see it.

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                    Would clicking the 'report abuse' button be the wrong course of action? The 'abuse' part makes it seem so - is it just a basic report function? #NewForumLayoutN00bzorz

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                      So the OP is going to post ANOTHER thread that gets locked ?


                      there are HUNDREDS of threads on camping , we dont need another one. Especially from someone whose thread got locked.


                      I dont camp, but camping is STILL a legitimate tactic. If you cant use the twenty methods of detecting campers ALONG with all the perks and goodies they gave you then go play another game.


                      and when you start posting ******* stars in your posts on an internet forum THAT is crying. If you cant start a thread posted like an adult then dont post. When you start posting in curse words and cursing out every "idiot" that doesnt agree with you then you are making your point totally invalid and destroying your intelligence level.


                      People are allowed to disagree with you. Its not your forum.

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                          Okay. That's your opinion. What I find funny is people like you always try to act like it is my fault when truly I'm retaliating against what has been done to me. I never said everyone was going to agree with me, but does that mean I deserve that treatment when I post something that has a different opinion from there own? No, so stop acting like I'm the one automatically disapproving of stuff first because I'm not. The behavior I see from a lot of you is definitely not acting like an adult. The only thing that comes to mind is you only find the negative things about the original poster instead of the people actually posting in the thread. Take a look at what is actually being said in this thread before you think that I'm the one being unfair.

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                          You question is easily answered. I get satisfaction by killing other players. Your opinions of the required skill to camp is irrelevant.


                          I dont prescribe to any specific gameplay style and usually do whatever gets me the biggest advantage. So if im behind the lag curve I will find dark corners to give me an extra second or two to make a shot. If im up against a seasoned team of run gunners I will sit in their expected movement paths and pick them off.


                          The thing to remember is once a player has chosen to camp they are counting on an aggressive reaction from their victim. They want you to come back into their killing field.

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                            Just think one week from today we are going to have one camperless map because there will be no corners to hide in




                            Oooh look the ANTI thread to this one

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                              I guess my only credential to respond to this post is that I have an opinion - I say that as I am new to the whole Call of Duty world let alone Black Ops 2. I am just learning the ropes and only have just over 9 hours of playing time in Multiplayer.


                              So, in posting your original question, you are ultimately asking for people's opinion on camping, hence, you are then bound to receive a multitude of differing opinions. Let's not be too literal and restate the original question. These responses are, obviously, going to range from the brief and curt, through to the more considered. I do therefore agree that it was somewhat of an exaggerated response from the admin in closing the original thread on the grounds it was not deemed productive. However, perhaps, you should also then accept those differing opinions, which, to be fair, I do not believe you are doing - and with that, I will throw in my thinking...


                              As I see it, the game is made to be as realistic as possible (with a little artistic licence and within the limitations of the technology - the main limitation being the control of a 'human' through two small joysticks and a few buttons!). Therefore, surely, the resulting gameplay is going to be as varied as real life, in that there will be a whole gamut of differing tactics. Only the user of a particular tactic can decide if that particular style of play is right for them or not. A recipient of a particular tactic cannot, in my opinion, say it is wrong to use it or question the 'enjoyment' of using it. It is down to the recipient to outwit and overcome the tactic user. Yes, of course I realize that your original question was asking what enjoyment people have in camping, but your succeeding comments indicate it is a tactic you dislike. I put it to you, that the people utilising this tactic could also ask (somewhat antagonistically), "What enjoyment do people get from running around like idiots dying multiple times?". Therein lies some of that 'artistic licence' I mentioned, if it was totally true to life and once you die, you are out, no doubt you would adopt a different tactic, or moreover, never play the game again!!  Maybe, 'campers' do enjoy the high kill, low death rate achieved using the tactic.


                              The fact you are 'reincarnated' makes it necessary to have 'spawn points' - yes, stating the obvious. And, it does seem a little unfair that someone can sit watching a spawn point and kill anyone appearing there before they have time to react. However, do not chastise the user of that tactic, as they have found a method to achieve the ultimate aim of the game to kill and not be killed - question why the developers have not built a little more intelligence into the game to have it choose a spawn point which is currently not observed by another player.


                              As a total newbie, I am experimenting with many different tactics, including 'camping' and 'running round like a nutter' (sorry, I am not being antagonistic there, I simply do not know the correct terminology yet - I have read that it is called 'rushing'. Is that correct?). In testing different tactics, If I spot that a particular player is regularly using a certain route through a map, then surely, it is legitimate for me to attempt to kill him each time he uses it? I am technically camping, but of course I enjoy the kills. In a game such as Capture-the-Flag, is it not good teamwork to have a couple of players guarding the flag whilst having other team members attempt to capture the opposing team flag? I am tempted to think you would refer to this as camping. Transpose this to a real-life situation, say PaintBall, you would be stupid not to use such a tactic.


                              In all my waffle above, ultimately, what I am saying is, ‘camping’ is within the scope of the game and therefore a valid tactic - one you should a) accept that others enjoy employing, b) utilize tactics and equipment to out wit the camper, or c) find another game to play.


                              Anyway, I am Cyantist69, yes, 69 is the year of my birth; so I am old, my reactions are slow, I couldn’t hit a barn door from 3 feet away with any weapon, but hell, I am certainly enjoying Black Ops 2. If you bump in to me, go easy!

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                                  Well, I'm older than you and my attention span wavered after the first paragraph.


                                  The changes were introduced to Ghost to reduce camping and, to an extent, it's worked. However, every dark corner still finds a hopeful tenant, desperate to get those skillful 'shot in the back' kills. Can't say I approve, but then there are a number of things in this game I don't approve of.

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                                      Yes, I agree, it was a rather lengthy post, only realised how much I had waffled on when I hit "add reply" and it all scrolled up the screen! Well, first post might as well get a few thoughts off my chest!


                                      Not having played the earlier CoD's, I cannot comment on changes to Ghost or anything else which is different from earlier versions, I take the game as I find it and have nothing to compare it to.


                                      I guess the developers can't please everyone all of the time (what a cliché!), but hell, we wouldn't be on here if we didn't love the game.

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                                    Here il ans your question for you


                                    They get satisfaction from camping  because


                                    They love there cheap kills

                                    They can't earn a kill streak any other way

                                    They love to slow the game to boredom

                                    They think they the best players in the world with high KD

                                    It takes skill to camp

                                    You just moaning because your crap

                                    Need I go on

                                    Imagine there real lives how booreing it must be if they get excited for getting lightning strike from camping all I can say I'm glad I don't have to live with them or go boozing with them can you imagine it right we at the pub il camp the toilet just to slow the flow of beer

                                    Just do what I do blow there ass away with a tube and lstn to them cry you noob tubed them lol

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                                      I don't have any problem with campers...


                                      Just because they actually use cover, and keep out of sight doesn't mean they are a bad player... it means the opposite.


                                      Head glitching is a problem, but it isn't the camper's fault. I bet most don't know they are doing it. It's how the game is made, the bullets come out of your face.


                                      They have two options:


                                      The first, and easiest way, would to be careful with map design, ensure that no cover allows someone to only show their face and unleash hell.


                                      The second, would be to have bullets come out of the end of the gun. (Gasp!) This may sound simple, but it isn't. Anyone who played older FPSs will know that this just didn't work. You would be behind cover, see someone pop out, and all of your bullets would go into the windowsill in front of you, but then again, look at a game like Red Orchestra 2, and it implements cover beautifully. <3

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                                          Spoken like a real camper lmao you all get on the defensive when someone speaks the truth i have seen people camp sent them a polite msg about there the way they play and guess what they were realy good and got far more kills than they did camping so they can play the game and guess what it was one of the fastest games we had all night so don't flog me your dead horse mate it's just a cheap way to play and earn score streaks period

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                                              Ok, so you throw about insults?


                                              Look me up on Elite, same name, not really camper's stats eh?


                                              Your the one getting all emotional anyway, if you really get annoyed by a camper, then you seriously need to learn how to play. There are like 3 entrances into every building etc, just learn to use a grenade or something.


                                              No idea what the hate is for players who can use cover effectively. It's like on SND, when you are defending, and it's 1v1.


                                              You can see the bomb and where it has been dropped, why not just camp there and wait for the other guy to try and get it? Tactics.

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                                            Firstly, this question seems pretty daft. You could apply it to any playstyle in the game.


                                            Run & Gunners, what satisfaction do you gain from tearing round the map at breakneck speed?


                                            Snipers, what satisfaction do you get from sitting back and getting a one shot kill on helpless foes from across the map?




                                            Secondly. I love campers in BO2, I honestly do.


                                            I love Treyarch for giving them lots of little toys to lay down.


                                            I love Treyarch for giving me engineer to light them up like a Christmas tree.


                                            I love Treyarch for giving me EMP nades that work.


                                            I love Treyarch for making all those destroys & EMP assists count towards my scorestreaks.


                                            If campers bother you, you'redoingitwrong.

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                                              I've linked to this clip previously, but this guy is easily the King of Camping in Black Ops 2. Loads up with an assualt shield. trophy systems and runs scavenger to replace them as well as Guardian and Sentry Gun score streaks. If you're going to camp, do it in style:



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                                                You do not need to make a new thread. The previous one was locked and Chief Forum Moderator Foxhound-Pro provided the reasons why. If you have questions, you need to PM him.  Reposting the thread is not acceptable.


                                                Claire JeepChick


                                                PS - If another user is breaking the CoC or harassing you, report them. We will sort it out.