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    Can someone explain to me why rushing is a bad idea on  a bad internet connection? please :)

      Ive been suffering lots of BS deaths throughout this game, and I havent altered my playstyle at all in the main, im a rushing flag capper, and in other games its worked for me. But after a few comments from friends saying that I shouldnt be rushing with my UK connection, as im at a HUGE disadvantage. My download speed is like 12mb, upload 1mb, which is fine but my ping goes to like 400 to anywhere in the world bar the UK, where its a steady 50, and ive read that ping is more important than speed.


      This played out yesterday, as I seemed to constantly get into US lobbies, and barely broke positive - then my last game of the night I ended up in the middle of a UK lobby, 2 UK clans playing domination, so it MUST have been a UK host, and I completely dominated, so much so that I was called a hacker (again) - it felt so good , I saw people and killd them like I used to in other cod`s, think I went 47-6 and scored 7000+ pts for the 1st time in BO2... I understand that it cant always be like this, but its so frustrating to go from being so good to so bad in a heartbeat.


      The reason id like someone to explain to me why its better to sit back with a bad connection is because I cant get my head around it, coz in previous cod`s I was told rushing had the advantage connection wise, as you see them before they see you - but im deffo convinced that the BS in this game is down to connection, so im willing to change my style to get better games IF i can get my head around why it`ll be better for me. I watched a video last night, maybe thunder toro, but im not sure, and he said that in this game, given connection issues, it MUCH better to not rush, and sit back more and pick kils off.


      Cheers to any connection guru`s out there