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    Bring Back Camping


      Yep, I said it.


      I've wondered what is wrong with the maps on this game. I've came to the conclusion that camping is missing. Let me explain.


      The maps in this game are very small, cluttered, and generally too small. SMGs have became largely over used and things like snipers and LMGs have become a thing of the past. Sure you can use a sniper but you don't get rewarded for aiming, you get rewarded for pulling the trigger faster. You don't get rewarded for sneaking up your enemy or anything like that.


      Do you guys remember, other than MW3 the older CoD maps? I sure do and the thing is, they all had camping, I think that is what made the maps great. You could camp so easily and you could use a sniper and LMG. SMGs were generally used on smaller maps because if a map was too large then it was harder to secure the kill with a SMG


      These maps are designed to make it generally rather hard to camp. Or at least harder to camp. Its doable but most people either try so hard or only manage ot get a few kills.


      All the maps in this game are desinged to keep the game moving at such a fast pace.


      Overall I think in the next game they need to being it back and have maps where you could easily camp, not because I love camping but because the maps were great then, I remember BO1, MW2, WAW and even CoD4 maps, they were great.


      I know you can camp in this game but they've designed the maps so its really hard and ultimately made it so that you have to play run and gun all the time and the maps now suck.


      I haven't played this game much at all because it really does suck. I mean there is good things like the pick 10 and score streaks but because the map design is hell I can't play the game.

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          I generally find it still pretty easy to hold down an area on most of the new maps. You just have to know how to do it.

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              kizz-zz wrote:


              I generally find it still pretty easy to hold down an area on most of the new maps. You just have to know how to do it.



              Standoff is the prefect example. Theres a whole outline of the maps that is perfect for camping, you just gotta know how to go about it Equipment is everything in BO2, use it all to your complete advange.

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                Agreed. Really easy in most maps, but there's also enough counters and the majority of campers are easy to kill because they have no reflexes and often a generally horrible map knowledge.

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                    To add to this, you must listen for the "your equipment has been destroyed/hacked!" line if you are trying to control an area. Small actions like this save your butt from the crazy spawn system and really help to, well, dare I say it, "camp" successfully.


                    Also, LMG's aren't bad. The HMR is a beast. Light weight and stock lets you move like you had an assault rifle in your hands.

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                  I hope you're kidding, camping NEVER left this game. Every lobby I'm in there's no less than two campers on the opposing team, and they'll usually get at LEAST a care package from it. Between Shock grenades, bouncing betties, and claymores, people who camp usually have no problem doing so. Or even worse look at the people who go on Hijack with the assualt shield and camping behind it waiting for people to go into the upstairs, and oops, they go 20-0.


                  As for map size, you obiviously have never played this game, there's only one small map, Hijack, most other maps are "medium to large" medium sized maps, then large maps like Meltdown, & Drone, then you have Aftermath, Carrier, and Turbine, which are giant. Yeah, they have certain spots on these maps where it's closer combat, but alot of these are ridiculous.


                  Also, for the LMGs and Snipers, you must have been playing combat training to come to the conclusion that these are rarely used. Go to ANY objective based game and there's always at least one sniper, and one lmg, but usually, there's multiple of each. Hell, even TDM has many sniper, and LMG users, especially when they CAMP with the target finder.


                  Lastly, the only thing they made into run-&-gun is Ghost, that's it, nothing else. Hell, they even made it so all the n00bs that camped in FFA with a tact insert can no longer do it.

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                    What are you talking about? Camping has never been easier...


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                      There are more campers in this game than other CoD games.


                      You've been smoking too much Mary Jane.

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                        It's a lot harder to camp in this game than any other, and by harder I mean hide. If you camp in Black Ops II the game throws up a huge neon sign and puts out an APB on your location. It takes some serious getting use to and I usually only undertake this with a friend who wants to camp with me

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                          i think we all need to know what the difference is between "camping" and being a "scared little *****"


                          BO1 = ghost pro/claymore/sniper in a corner hoping to get 3 to 4 kills a game with on deaths....."scared little *****!"


                          BO2 = riot shield/shotgun/trophy sys/guardian/sentry/claymores in a choke point shown in video above..."camping"


                          Don't mind a camper...i can't stand the *******!

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                            I think you´re far from reality!


                            When I changed from MW3 to BO2 I hated it because the maps all looked like "best made for campers!"!

                            Sure, the maps are "smaller" in general - but they all have multiple camperspots - even more in DOM around "B"-Flags!

                            And finally: The "Take 10"-System allows campers to get equipped with two "Claymores" or "Trophy Systems" to protect their hideout!


                            No, BO2 is absolutely camper-friendly! Just go and play DOM or even TDM!

                            You´ll find them almost everywhere!

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                                The emp grenade with engineer is a must have class. There isn't a place in this game where someone can hide behind their camper equipment. You can't throw an emp directly at a trophy, but if there is a room underneath or a wall close enough the blast will go through and kill all of their stuff.


                                The maps are littered with camping spots. I played a 6v6 tdm with randoms last night. Everyone was camping, and the game timed out. I went 19/1 using engineer as a camper seeker. Our team won with a sorry 50/19. I promply left those losers after the game. The map was yemen, which just happens to be one of the best rushing maps.

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                                Are you having a laugh?, almost every bloody game I play seems to be full of campers.

                                Games are much more fun when people are moving around, I will never understand how people can have fun sitting in a corner the entire game, with either shock charges and bouncing betties/claymores in door ways or somewhere near them, just waiting for someone to run in or run by, so they can get a kill or 2.

                                And I'm sick of campers coming out with the old crap on how in real life guys in the army don't go rushing around killing people, it's not real life, it's a f**king game, you don't play a game like GTA or something and say, 'Oh don't drive too fast, in real life people don't drive around like that'.

                                I can understand people camping if they've never played a game like this before, or if they're generally sh!t and can't shoot straight, but not people that have been playing for years and when you start off playing a new game, why camp and use the excuse that you need to get used to the maps, how are you going to do that if you don't move around and most of the time the campers only move to find the best camping place then will go there every single game.

                                I honestly couldn't care if people camp, it's just annoying when more and more people do it and it takes ages to find anyone and I keep dying by someone hiding behind something, most of my deaths have been by people that hide, wait for me to pass then shoot me in the back, it's annoying as hell.

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                                    Some people have fun playing the game by camping, some people like to run around the map. Either way it doesnt matter, the point is to have fun by playing any way you want. It is also true that it is a video game so people should not expect to be playing like if they joined the army. It is also a lot harder to camp in this game, with emp grenades destroying all of your equipment through walls or the millimeter scanner being able to see you through walls. Being killed by campers once or twice is something you have to expect but for a camper to get on a 5-10+ killstreak in this game, the other team must be ridiculously ignorant.

                                         I remember in Modern Warfare and WaW i could just hide in a bush or tall grass and just kill people with any gun with a silencer and every few kills just changing positions. Also you should be very glad there is no more juggernaut perk or stopping power. I always hated getting a few good shots on a guy, stop shooting, then realise he had juggernaut, but by then it was too late. You should be glad that there is a magical invisible barrier blocking any kind of plant or bush and that all grass is very well kept to a short length to prevent hiding in it.

                                         Not directed at you, but i also dislike it when people use camping as a blanket term for doing good in a game. Black Ops II was designed around SMG's and run and gun, as is obvious by the large amount of SMG's and another yet to come in the first DLC. The ghost perk is also an incredibly obvious sign that Activision/Treyarch wants you to quit camping. If ghost stopped you in previous games from finding someones position that was not moving after getting killed by them one or more times then lord help you. Activision/Treyarch are trying very hard to make a game where the only viable option is to run and gun, and every other play style is virtually futile. Most of the maps also glorify the run and gun play style with the only large map being turbine and possibly carrier.

                                         If you think getting shot in the back once in a while sucks, then be grateful this game is not another Modern Warfare of WaW, (even though those were my favorite Call of Duty games, and easily the two best out of them all). Sorry this was a bit long.

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                                    Pls go

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                                      Camping solo is hard.


                                      Team camping is easy.


                                      Rushing to destroy any camping is easier.

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                                        To think 3arc actually nerfed Ghost,to discourage camping lol. Btw,i know im sounding dumb here,but how do you set the riot shield down when your carrying it?

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                                          You have to be Joking. Camping is everywhere. lmao look at Nuketown2025 worst Camping Map Ever.

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                                            what i remember from mw3 was a guy sitting in his corner with his type 95 and i would get mad because i cant kill him because they would uasally be head glitching. hmm **** campers

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                                              if you have no tactics and are weak yeah campings for you.

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                                                Defensive playing is very live and present in this game, I am finding a good balance of both styles in the game.

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                                                  I never realized that "camping" was some feature that could be added or taken out.


                                                  Did I miss the game that had the perk: Camper Pro?

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                                                    This shouldnt be about camping or holding down an area. There is no quality in these maps at all. Compare BO2 maps to maps like Favela, Rundown,Grid, Kowloon, Firing Range, Overpass, Storm. Even maps that were once hated like Carnival has way more quality then these stale maps. BO2 maps feels like you play it once youve played it a million times.

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                                                      I have no problem with camping the objective, this works really well in all gametypes for me even on smaller maps. You're not as protected as other COD's but it is still effective for kills and spm.

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                                                          More camping? That's crazy talk. There's still plenty of camping, but I'm glad it's more easily countered in Black Ops 2. I love what Treyarch did with Ghost. I'm going to miss the Black Ops 2 Ghost in November.


                                                          Ghost with Tactical Mask and Engineer as a perk 3 greed combo is great because you can stay hidden from UAV, run past any triggered explosives and minimize the shock charge effect. Feels awesome against campers.

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                                                              These maps are not large at all and the ones that are big are full of crap everywhere all cluttered so they play small most of the time there is no one true map in this game with true long lines of sight without a bunch of crao on the way or headglitching spots surrounding it usually the long lines of sight are in the middle of the map so good luck. Look at the last map that came out for mw3 as of recent example Gulch. That map is great nice and open but stil places where smgs can be used. I hope with the new dlc they get more maps like previous cods. There needs to be mix it cant be all run run run it gets old.