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    Looking for a clan Xbox 360

      Sick of playing solo with shitty people in parties. Elite preferred to do all the clan ops. 18+ preferred. My nephew started playing on my account before I got the game. Had about .46 k/d at level 25. Now just about to prestige and I brought it up to .96 and climbing

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          Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

          Dark Apocalypse Gaming aka DaG Clan (_DaG) is a multi-platform, multi-gaming, 18+ team for XBOX & PS3 We are looking to recruit a handful of new players that have the same goal and motivation as us. We are a close-knit clan that enjoys winning and having fun. Our current roster consists of NA and EU players that play all around the clock. We will be capping the amount of members we accept soon so apply while you can.



          A (very) brief history of our clan



          We Split off from a massive casual CoD Clan in March 2011 and decided we needed our own direction, our own voice, our own bank. Since then we have had more teams compete within Gamebattles and enter more online tournaments.





          — Our Mission –

          We are a Casual Gaming team that plays within the Major League Gaming Game battles and various other Tournaments. Our clan has been working to provide new opportunities to help push our Soldiers forward. A gamer needs to be disciplined, dedicated and committed to the goal and to his/her Team. We are a self funded clan but do have a couple sponsors (GamersUnif

          orm, KontrolFreek, GripIt).

          We are a NO B.S., NO Drama Clan. We do not put up with people who think they are far superior to others or hackers. We do NOT allow Modded Controllers, Lag Switches, or any form of Cheating.



          — Joining –

          We also have many things going on around the clock within our organization. When applying you can expect to see these things for you upon acceptance



          [*]Online Tournaments With Prizes

          [*]24/7 Pub Stomping

          [*]Graphics Tournaments

          [*]Access to some the greatest montages online

          [*]And last but not least, the most fun you'll ever have in online gaming!



          If you are interested in joining check out our website at DaGClan.com.

          “ReVive and ReSpawn in Dark Apocalypse Gaming” –Recruited by: Birdiekat Xbox Div Leader



          — Links –





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            Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

            your welcome to join Team Gunr, we play mostly hardcore team death but we also play clan ops too...we have 10 members and growing....message my gametag nottoshabbie if ur interested...thanks

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              Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

              Hey Mistaken!


              Check us out! 18+, 45+ members, lvl 19 on elite about to hit 20, great members and always a good party to join up with! www.vendettagamingclan.com if you wanna apply (takes 1 min) and all are accepted! 1 week trial but as long as you are active and get along with us we would love to have you!


              I was the same as you and joined about 2 months ago and havent looked back bud!



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                Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

                Check us out!


                All I ask is for you to do clan ops and challenges!


                We will hit clan level 50!


                55 current members


                I need active members who will do clan ops and challenges, with this, we will grow fast!


                If you are not active, you will be kicked



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                    Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

                    Khaotix Gaming(XBOX)


                    Are you looking for a family to be apart of?  Khaotix Gaming is your place!  Were more then just a clan! We are a family! Theres no drama. Everyone gets along just fine! Khaotix Gaming was founded by KHTX Shepard back in 2008. We are a 3 year old clan, soon to be 4 once New Years hits! We are a great community and family! We are sponsored by EvilControllers and Trigger Happi Custom Controllers. Khaotix Gaming has tons to offer for our members!



                    What We Offer

                    We have clan tournaments and many rewards for members that earn Member of the month, Supportive Player and many other things! Prizes range from Microsoft points to XBOX Live to Games to Gift cards!  We also have Squads!!!



                    What were looking for in members


                    We don't accept just anyone of course. But we are not strict on who can get in.

                    These are the following requirements you must meet in order to apply to be apart of the family;


                    1. Have a KD above 1.0 In BO2 & in MW3 above a 1.0

                    2. Must be fairly active on the site and visit regularly and post on the forums

                    3. Must be drama free

                    4. No BOOSTING at all

                    5. No Cheating in games

                    6. Respect the chain of command

                    7. No trash talking to the opposing team in lobbies




                    So if you are interested in joining Khaotix Gaming then sign up here at khaotixgaming.com!


                    Our MW3 Clan is Level 48

                    Our BO2 Clan is Level 17


                    We have MLG players and chill players! So no matter what your type is you'll fit right in! Cant wait to see you there!


                    My Gamertag is KHTX Apollyon if you would like to add me (:

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                    Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

                    Hey! Come check Vendetta out at vendettagamingclan.com We are a 18+ Gaming community and we host a friendly environment in-game and on forums. so come check us out! We are looking forward to having you apply.




                                   [VGxx] VG Habjammer

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                      Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

                      chek out Ashes of The innocent (AoTi) we are a very active clan with over 60 active memnbers playing on a range of consoles, xbox, ps3, wii and pc, and we are listed within the top 100 cod clans, our ps3 is active in clan challanges and has golden tags, our xbox division is active in the leagues, we have a structrured ranking system so we are not messy, we also have our own website, forums and xat chat, visit our website ai-hq.com to find out more about us and to fill out an application

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                        Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

                        Console ARMY is looking for like minded gamers to join us. We are an organized group with a website for our community. We are also a registered Top 100 Clan. Must be 15 or older, be mature, and have a mic. If interested please visit http://www.consolearmyhq.com/ for more information. Tell them CJ sent you.




                        Online Community







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                          Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

                          Search for the clan COD ELITE and apply...

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                            Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

                            CLAN INFORMATION

                            Clan Name - WE POP U DROP

                            Clan Tag - 374B

                            Clan Level - 8 (will be lvl 9 after today's challenge)

                            Clan K/D - 1.38

                            Clan SPM - 330.3

                            Clan Hours Played - 607

                            Current Members - 9

                            Console - XBOX 360



                            - You have to be at least 15 years of age.

                            - You must have a mic.

                            - You have to be able to take directions.

                            - You must have at least a 1.10 K/D.

                            - 15 or more hours played.




                              We are an all around good clan and we are able to adapt to any game type. We mostly play Domination, Demolition and Team Deathmatch so we tend to do those type of challenges and clan operations. We are not a strict clan, but we do ask that you participate when you can. Click the link below or message BOYWHOBURNSBUD for informatin on how to join WE POP U DROP.



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                              Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360


                              Pants on Fire is a fun clan. Even though we are 20 strong, we are mostly adults and our schedules conflict often with eachother and / or the ops. We've decided if we can find more members, we'll 1) have more show up to the OPs and 2) have more people to just have a good time with


                              ABOUT US

                              Currently 20 members.

                              Level 13+ / Gold Tagged Clan (PonF)

                              We are fun but competative adults w/ busy lives

                              We have no K/D limits (most of us are 0.8 to 1+)

                              We are social / have a good sense of humor

                              No racists / No Annoying Youths


                              LOOKING FOR

                              Friendly Funny Competitve Adult / Mature gamers

                              Enjoy playing the OPs / try to make ops when possible!


                              GET KICKED FOR

                              Rarely or never plays clan competitions

                              Adding nothing to the conversation

                              Racist or otherwise anoying commentary

                              Being too serious / controlling


                              Search for Pants on Fire on Elite. Or go here:https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3743615 (may or may not work).

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                                Re: Looking for a clan Xbox 360

                                What's up my clan YungSoldiers are looking to recruit ppl we have 14 members actually 15 waiting for one to accept invite on elite.we are a new clan starting in January and already have 15 members so were growing and we are a lvl 5 clan almost lvl 6 if you are looking to do clan ops and have fun doing it our clan is for u check us out



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